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When it comes to carriages, must think of Lampang Province. However, many of you still have never been in close contact with a live horse like this at this "Ban Mar Tar Nam". (the horse house) There are coffee for sipping and chilling, plus in-depth history of Khru Bum. (Acting at Captain Supot Jai Ruamkul) who is full of energy in arts and conservatism.

Many people may not know that a secondary city like Lampang. There will be natural sites to visit such as Doi Pha Hob, Mae Moh District, which is not far from the city. You can call it Lampang complete. Let's go see it.

Chae Son National Park It is a tourist attraction in Muang Pan District, Lampang Province to the north of Lampang. It takes about 1 hour and a half from Lampang city. Can be a route connecting to Chiang Mai Province And went up from Chae Son National Park, which is the location of the village of Pa Miang In the valley of the forest Full of miao The sustaining forest of the villagers

If you want to inhale ozone in good, cool weather all year round. At this E-Tong village Probably answer most questions Summer size, the temperature is generally 40+ degrees, but when it reaches the top, it remains only 25-27 degrees.

Sangkhlaburi, a traveler's dream destination See the beauty on both sides of the water Walk across Mon Bridge (Wooden Bridge) in the morning. Cultural offering to monks Take a boat ride to see the underwater temple Pay respect to Bodhgaya Pagoda Follow in the footsteps of Reverend Father Uttama #Tourism during COVID

The first day of the journey, 24 May 2020, go to rest and rest. Even during COVID But still life needs trees, streams and green nature as before. This trip, we will take everyone to travel to Kan in the end of the border area. Starts at the giant Chamchuri tree in the corner of Bailong. And go to bed and rest at Thong Pha Phum market first

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