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Beliefs that have been with Thai people for a long time. Including the teachers who have created the golden child Classified as another mystery that cannot be proven and is still popular until today. This time, i will solve all the secrets and clues about Kumanthong for everyone to know.

Lom Phu Khiao is located in Tham Pha Thai National Park. Natural sculpture caused by the collapse of the earth's crust. Or limestone layers Which may have previously been a hollow cave before When the ceiling of the upper cave collapses, it becomes a water receiving point. Call this phenomenon "collapsed hole", scholars estimate that it is more than 280 million years old. Villagers trekking to find a beautiful emerald green water source. So called "Lom Phu Khiao"

Thai people believed in large serpents call Paya Naga. In fact, this belief was come from India. Example the serpent name Phuchong Nakarat around the neck of Mahadev, the bigest deva of Brahmin - Hindu or the serpent name Arnantanakarat was bench of Naraiyana.

It is said that Phra That Chom Ping There will be angels in rotation to heal the relics. And will show a miracle every night on the big Buddha's day with the stars of the relics shining brightly for the villagers of Chom Ping to worship Is auspicious to those who see it

Today is December 19, 2019, which corresponds to "Aphakorn remembrance" made the author I would like to record a story for the memory of our "Sadet Tia" { Sadet Tia is mean my father }

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