New Diaries of Go and Eat

Today my brother wants to go to the kitchen. Want to pound papaya salad and give the recipe to everyone. So I put the recipe for it before watching the clip. As I said above, the papaya salad menu seems to be easy. But can be delicious It must really pound by itself.

Today I take you to the garden and pick vegetables. Also known as Phak Chaiya (Mexican kale), that's it. We use it to stir fry in oyster sauce, you can call it a home menu, but it can also make your mouth watering. Especially the tight benefits of the Chaya vegetables Makes wanting to eat even more ...

Today Aunt Kaew The cook of our house in Lampang Will take us to the garden to collect vegetables to make curry. You will find simple ingredients in the garden to mix and make a special curry with Chaiya vegetables or MSG. Let's go see that Come out to look how attractive to eat.

Go and Eat diaries

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