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Stevia Power 100 g.


Stevia extract or stevia is a 100% natural sweetener that is safe for consumers. Can be dissolved in hot water to use as a syrup replacement. A sweet substance called Stevioside is extracted from stevia leaves which are harmless to health. Suitable for diabetics Or those who want to control blood sugar People who lose weight abstain from sugar.

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This stevia extract contains 4.5% Stevioside extracted from stevia leaves and 95.5% corn-extracted maltitol to perfectly suit the use of main dishes or desserts. The shop heals itself. This product is also used in low-fat dishes as well.

Many of you ask to come to the stevia extract 100% without any other additives. We would like to clarify that The cost of extracting sstavia is quite high, causing the price of 100% extract to be too high for 1 kilo, almost ten thousand baht. If we have to consume it on a daily basis Will make the cost of living very high Therefore, we should choose a product that contains other extracts. But a hundred percent natural extracts And has only been certified by the Food and Drug Administration


Stevia Extract Powder

Produced by Green Foods Asia Co., Ltd.

FDA registration number 1010595010006

Distributed by Sai Heal History Co., Ltd.


The penalty for consuming sugar "Sugar" is a villain that destroys our health that we had never known before. What's wrong with sugar? Let's see.

- cause fat deposits in the body Because fructose (Fructose) is an important component of sugar. Corn syrup Which stimulates the liver to accumulate fat in various organs over time May cause fatty liver disease Which can cause liver disease in the future

- It is the cause of diabetes. A study by PLOS ONE found that for every 150 calories a person's intake of sugar increases. It can cause a 1.1% increase in diabetes, so it should only be consumed in moderation, and sugar is also the cause of type 3 diabetes, an insulin-resistant condition with a high fat diet. And Alzheimer's disease

- It is the cause of cardiovascular disease The USA Diabetes Association reveals that sugar can cause cardiovascular disease, with heart disease being the leading cause of death in 65% of people with diabetes.

- turbulent blood flow Caused by consuming too much sugar Causing the insulin in the body to produce too much Until residues in the bloodstream Which affects the circulatory system Which, if it is an indentation, will result in the muscle cells surrounding the blood vessels to grow better than normal Causing the blood flow to become turbulent Until it is the cause of high blood pressure

- Increase bad cholesterol levels A study published in The American of Medical Association found that people who consume a lot of sugar have bad cholesterol levels. And harmful fats such as triglycerides at a higher level than people who consume less. This is because sugar stimulates the liver to produce more bad cholesterol. And inhibits the elimination of this type of cholesterol from the body as well

- cause addiction Sugar is like a sweet drug. When it enters the body, the brain releases happy substances called opioid and dopamine, a substance that is stimulated just like taking drugs. With an experiment that Mice addicted to sugar When the craving for sugar occurs, the mouth is shaking, shaking, and anxiety, just like when the drug is needed.

- Makes you eat non-stop Because sugar can make you feel hungry Research shows that eating too much sugar makes you feel more hungry. And not feeling full Because sugar makes the hormone leptin That will pour out when you feel less full

- Makes wanting to eat more sweets One cause is from the belief that Sugar helps keep it healthy. Which is terribly wrong Because sugar can only increase strength in just 30 minutes and will make you feel the need for more. Which has been found that sugar causes the secretion of more serotonin Which makes me feel sleepy instead of having strength

- cause mood swings According to a study published in the Public Health Journal, people who ate almost 40% of the sugar and junk food diets consecutively for six years were at an extremely high risk of depression. When compared with those who do not eat at all

- Make your skin wrinkled When sugar enters the bloodstream, it binds to or binds to the protein fibers in the body. And converted to a new molecule called AGEs, which this molecule Will destroy protein, collagen and elastin Which makes the skin firm and flexible Which causes premature wrinkles and sagging skin

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