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Reminder before opening a restaurant during COVID-19

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Reminder before opening a restaurant during COVID-19

With this kind of COVID-19 economy, I can believe that Many people have been affected in terms of work quite high. And of course For people who are unable to pursue a normal career Would look for ways to make a living to sustain expenses each month, such as a hotel business that results in a loss. Had to find income to pay his employees salary, water, electricity, living expenses And the only business that everyone sees value And dubbed It's a business that will never die, that is, selling food. The only reason is "However, people must eat" So that's the right logic, but the problem is that it's not us alone. Thinking like that ... Right, everyone thought the same, until many people lost their jobs. I turned myself into a career selling food all. Apply for a grab and a line man to cook at home. Causing very high market competition There are only many sellers So who should the buyer choose to buy from? And who can go on? Who will fail There must be a lot of these elements.

1. If you're going to run a small restaurant like a Home Kitchen, that's not a problem. But the obligation to fill yourself Whether it is shopping, preparing things, preparing packaging If only to do delivery, only delivery Must come to calculate food prices Material cost Package cost The commission to be paid to the owner of the food delivery camp, profit per plate, the risk of losing spoiled ingredients And fatigue from cooking alone Or in the household Because kitchen work is a very detailed work If we care (The author would like to step over cooking without caring)

2. If you are going to run a small or medium sized sit-down restaurant What you need to set up that system will add up to the cost of the store decoration. Electrical installation, kitchen system, material cost, equipment, water system, washdown, investment, raw material cost, etc.

3. If you are going to make a restaurant a bit bigger. Must consider the parking The number of tables that will accept customers, service and waiters, as well as the size of the kitchen that must be suitable for the number of menus sold as well. Larger restaurant size It will have to have a lot of subtleties to follow, most of which, for those who have no trouble with money, they tend to hire a store manager. To manage all at once, that doesn't mean you can skip 100% of the risk in the food business.

4. The heart of any food business, whether small or large is Accounting system If we set up a weak accounting system The risk of bleeding completely is overwhelming. Because the food business is something that can leak a lot, such as using an application, key orders or collecting money, it is imperative that we have to systemize people. The bill system is good and concise. For each department employee Each position clearly checks each other, for example, the cashier is not responsible for collecting customer money. Or even let customers come to check at the cashier's counter themselves Because money can be leaked just the cashier does not key the bill Or key and delete the bill If the owner does not set up a good enough bill lock system Or even raw materials that may be leaked by the chef Therefore, in the food business, large restaurants tend to separate auditors in the office section. To be able to check inventory And accounting clearly Including the operator himself That sometimes have to control money Control the market by himself.

5. Ordering and shopping If it is a small food business, of course Inevitably there is no problem because the owner of the business is the person who goes to the market to buy their own But if it is a large business That requires ordering from a vegetable delivery truck Meat delivery Must have a duty to check items And the use of raw materials first in first out (First in - First out) and shelf life, storage of each type of material is different. And all of these are just a few elements of those who are starting a food business.

6. After designing the shop, decorating and setting up various systems, the most important element in the food business is personnel. Whether it is a cook That has to be cooked to suit the taste of customers Including cleanliness Planning a good kitchen Will have staff in the service section That must be harmonized Including the solution to the problem as well as the store atmosphere and other attractions that we have to create to be unique.

7. Another factor to consider before opening a restaurant is Location That is in what position How many facilities are there? The customer segment is who will sell, what is selling, and one thing is, you must not assume that it will be good, it will be achieved without screening from experienced people. Talk to someone who has done it and is already successful. Because of that he will be successful in the food business. This means that he will have to go through a number of problems and have mastered it.

8. Do not take any expectations or anticipate the future for yourself without deliberation and listen to objections from those around you. Because of what you hope It may not be what you think it is. Some restaurants, good location, good location, delicious food, inexpensive but unable to sell because customers enter too late. Costs happen day to day. Until the business has to be closed, there are so many investments in each investment It brings with it many risks.

9. The most important thing of a restaurant owner is If you are not a gourmet cook You should be the one who tastes the food godly. Or have eaten a variety of food Because of these experiences, you can't just hire someone to do it. You have to build your own experience. And you will have to start with the utmost care and attention.

10. In a very competitive situation You will have to sell delicious food. Hygienic And it is only cheap to survive. That's why it's an important factor. Because while the competition is high But the cost of raw materials is rising.

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