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SaiHeal Farm ep.1 The Turn of Life When COVID-19 stepped in from the townspeople to pursue a gardening lifestyle

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SaiHeal Farm ep.1 The Turn of Life When COVID-19 stepped in from the townspeople to pursue a gardening lifestyle

COVID started to spread prominently in February 2020, but that's it. With my self-consciousness The travel plans to take the employees on a trip on March 9, 2020 are still ongoing. I have a restaurant And the performance in 2019 is very good and we will organize a tour every year. But that said, it is careless. Who do not monitor the situation But he thought, "Okay." The United States and China are very good. It'll be better.

But no. When entering March The impacts continued to intensify until May. I myself have a regular job at a tour company. It's a relative company, like my third mother. (The second mom is my sister whom I crawled out with.) You founded the company in 2002 as a customer base from the parent company. Transferring business to your own And I went to work with you in 2003, of course COVID has a direct impact on tours. And it must halt Causing my regular income to be lacking in part In conjunction with the restaurant business during the curfews I had to take out the meat to feed 9 employees in the store every month. Because we still think It will get better.

Until July 2020, I have seen that The situation is too escalating. And the solution for our livelihoods is less. Ask if the food business is likely to go well during this kind of COVID situation. Honestly, everyone who is affected. Let's cook at home and deliver delivery almost all together. When the market share grows at a high level While the consumer decreases There are only merchants. But the customers are definitely spreading, the profits will be less as well, except for the famous brands that still run promotions. Maintain liquidity for the business That's it That he came out saying Turn your life into delivery and get richer than ever. But for me, it's not quite.

Until I came to think that we have a place in Lampang. That has been battered since 2019, first of all, I must first say that My life was not comfortable but a child. We were born into a broken family. Because father Bring all the money to treat breast cancer for the mother. Mother's land sales value Was stolen by the uncle who took care of the property His father had nothing left to be a treasure. The two of us, brothers (My sister and I) have to fight for money. Finding work since elementary school In order to lose himself to graduate from university

Thinking about it, so I asked for a scholarship from a relative. By guaranteeing that at one day, I will create myself and take care of you when you need three hundred thousand. How to make three hundred thousand money to build an accommodation? Create edible And take care of yourself I started by planning my life. What kind of accommodation do we do? What career will we do while we are here? And the decision stops at I will make a small house with a budget of not more than five hundred thousand. The rest will adjust the garden area. And the front of the house asks for a large kitchen in case of cooking food to be sent to sell in the city Because I have a good skill in cooking various stewed dishes, including "Sam Sian Pork Leg" that is already selling well in Non City. Therefore thought that he would make pork leg rice to send to the factory And various government offices

And we will focus on growing crops, gardening, edible fences To harvest and cook food for sale in front of the house, and I have a job in the media And doing some content on social media (Originally intended to do it for a long time But there is really no time during the day to work at Saphan Kwai I have to come back to the restaurant in the evening. You can just open the website but not update. I opened the page but didn't write as much work. Did YouTube, but didn't take more photos)

When planning this, let's go. I came up to Lampang on July 5, 2020. Charge the price for planting a small house with awning, cement on the front and sides of the house so that I can build an open kitchen. Combined with the cost of pouring stones in front of the house until the entrance In the amount of 173,500.- baht, I set up a tent to sleep in order to do some work that can be done, such as ordering bamboo, ordering kama grass to make a basket. For receiving guests and for customers in front of the store to sit Make a simple wooden fence temporarily, connect the lights, use them temporarily, etc. The first three nights that there are no lights in the tent, the Electricity Authority informed me that it will come on on the 8th day so we have to wait for the electricity.

The technicians work very quickly. Sunny and rainy But it was done in 15 days and I was able to safely move under the eaves.

After finishing a small house It is my duty and the team (Nong Pan and Aunt Kaew) who came to stay together. Because of the kitchen work, we definitely can't do it alone. Together we adjust the area Prepare the place Order more bamboo arch Because when we start to open the front of the house on August 7, 2020, more and more customers come. We grow garden crops. Build plots, grow vegetables, put up mosquito nets, and many more until it takes shape.

It can be said that the Lampang project that I have planned for another 3-5 years, waiting for bank debt to be discharged. No credit card, no burden, will come up. Had to come to live suddenly And have to do it, have to create an urgent form, to be honest, until the date of recording this article I'm still worried about myself that Am I going to survive? Because following the truth Revenue from food sales And work in the garden It would be enough just for the daily expenses. With the compensation of their employees only But the debt burden that I carry with me How do i manage How to earn more money

Thinking like this So I work hard to earn money. And this mission must be completed by the end of the year (Record today, December 4, 2020) I believe that diligence, patience and honesty do every channel that generates money. Would definitely benefit me

And I will update often to see what we have been up to. And this Saiheal farm will have what kind of farming has come for us to take care of it? Thank you.



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