The subject you want to thank Covid-19

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The subject you want to thank Covid-19

While the Covid-19 epidemic is not over. And continues to flare up in different countries, especially the United States But do you believe it or not? The impact it had on myself was overwhelming. Whether it is a tourism business that is stagnant and many operators. Must come out to sell food Because of the idea that Food sales are the single most likely stable income. And generate profit for the best living and spending at this time But as a result of selling food is All who lose their jobs Turn to sell all food And in a world full of vendors competing for market share Consumers are the people who are least affected. Or not received at all A group of people who can still leave for work and receive a full salary, for example, before the plague.

And in that situation continues to invade and the virus is ready to spread at any time. Thai society has also risen to protests calling for complete democracy. Affecting many sectors with the concept of 2 sides (let's opposite at this point Everyone has their own way. Personally, I look at the mouth and the responsibilities first. But I hope in my heart that What will happen in Thai society Will be with the aftermath of protests Or any solution of the government Will come out better than it is And makes everyone breathe more)

Some families lost their jobs. Must return to their original hometown To survive the times that are bad Thailand, which is determined to mean that Will be able to survive With few cases of infection And overwhelming national debt Must continue to console himself as well, saying "you can live" or "take care of" in spite of the fact that We cannot be alone. The world economy is collapsing. And the income entering the country was lost due to the long disruption of tourism It inevitably inflicts severe wounds on those involved.

I am as well. But do you believe it or not? In this situation I could see more. It is the truth that shines in this cloud of economic collapse. But what I want to thank for Covid is In this critical situation I have seen many things.

1. I have seen a true friend And false friends who show themselves clearly in times of trouble And need help

2. I have seen my mistakes in the past.

3. I have seen the failure of my life planning because of my negligence.

4. I have seen the stupidity that is obsessed with drinking. And smoking In the party of Hea

5. I have seen the sick logic that I used to express to others. When we are proud in our own abilities and resources

6. I have seen the wrong decisions in the past. Making myself difficult at times like this

7. I have seen the love that people around me give. A love that has nothing hidden

These things are like standing in front of a mirror. And it reflects failure, mistakes, lack of consciousness and inadequate persistence. It reflects ourselves in a bad way. When we act Or speak badly to someone We will see ourselves all that has ever been. And it is the repentance of sins in times of extreme difficulty. And it's a driving force, even if it's just a little bit. That we will make more efforts We will be more diligent. And we will fight with those around us to get through the dire situations that we can get

"Even if COVID hurts me very badly But I have to thank you for it. That made me very enlightening. "

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