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Share experience raising squirrels since they never opened their eyes. Until she grew up and raised naturally

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Share experience raising squirrels since they never opened their eyes. Until she grew up and raised naturally

It started with Hermile, she has a light gray body that was adopted without opening her eyes, feeds on goat milk every day and has to rekindle the heat all the time. To allow her to adjust the temperature in the body Hermile is a condo squirrel. We turn on the air conditioner Coolness in the bedroom Sent to the living room I have to warm her all the time, especially during the first 3 months to keep her body healthy. And have sufficient immunity

The character of Hermile is will be very addicted to the babysitter.  Not taking away the body, but having a pecking naughty feeling, that is, when her were young, we would often take out and cut nails, according to the various guru's words, it turned out that her would not have nails to attach to when running and playing.  Her will be even stronger than usual.  And the consequences that follow are If growing up and unable to cut nails Her will peck at us until the whole body scratch. This is another Nisei of Hermile.  Came out, ran up and ran down all over us Along with the addition of pee, showing ownership naturally

Next is Ron This guy took it 6-7 months after Hermile grew up on the first day with Ron's eyes open. It is a gray and dark brown grove. He will have his own unique scent. While holding Ron to wait for feeding. Hermile jumped and bit my hand. With jealousy of the owner and the wrong smell to carry other animals That is the first time At Hermile, the badass Bite so hard that it bleeds

(Squirrels are rodents. We have to accept that If he plays too hard or is not satisfied, he will bite us hard, which only brings blood. His teeth are very sharp. Anyone who wants to feed must be prepared in advance. Then you can't get angry with him. It's his nature)

Later, I raised both of them in different cages in the same condo in Nonthaburi until August '20 I moved from Nonthaburi to Lampang. In a one-story garden house In front of the house, there is a small restaurant named "Zab Him Suan". We have enough space for the children to run and play. So I released it. Let's start with Ron. The first day, he ran into the forest and immediately entered Dong Phong Phana. Three days passed, the neighbors said A mule caught him in the cage and asked if the squirrel was right. Because we saw another light gray Hermione in the cage at home

I immediately answered. "Yes, Nong Mac" In conclusion, Nong Mac took it back. But with the fact that Ron's love for freedom It was not willing to sleep in the cage. Run and play only Secretly built a nest on a big tree Will come only when hungry That is a real thrush. True. True, our hearts are secretly worried. Well that is surrounded by the longan garden that the owners are close to Therefore there is no problem to ask each other And he did not harvest any products at all, it was an old garden without maintenance. Therefore there are not many problems

Later, Hermile I was released to go out to travel 1-2 times a day, when I became fascinated and started to grow longer until the third week I did not return to the cage as well. At first, I was afraid of Ron. When I got out, Ronnie ran into it. Therefore will smell the bottom as Ron is a male thrush squirrel Hermile is a female multicolored squirrel. Species, when they get along, take it easy and follow the bottom to flirt with girls. But Hermile didn't like to run away all the time, eventually escaping into his cage every time. But when they get used to each other As you know Escaping according to regulations (In the clip is also when Hermile escapes Ron in a cage But there will be an updated clip The two of them are fans who have already agreed to be engaged. Not yet married Moved to live together first Traditionally faster than advantage)

When I talked about this, I thought about Time squirrel caught animal What is clear is If he is not imprisoned He will be less frustrated. And the more if there are opposite sexes nearby, they will tune up more easily Hermile was once infected with an animal. At 8-9 months of age, his genitals were swollen red. And very frustrated The most possessive is the bed house. Will not allow anyone to get close at all There is a symptom of wanting to build a house by yourself, being jealous and suspicious at night It is not easy to catch yourself. Or maybe because I am too distant, it may be. These pets Will have a relationship And different temperaments
Anyway, please follow YouTube channel The next clip will be updated to see that How happy are the two now? Will be told to listen to each other again. Thank you.


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