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GoCare! Give away recipes for Cauliflower-stewed, shiitake mushrooms, Chinese Herbs, can be eaten, made good selling (with clips)

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แจกสูตรตุ๋นกะหล่ำขาย สร้างอาชีพ

Today I will teach you how to make stewed cauliflower, shiitake mushroom, Chinese medicine, a secret recipe that I myself started from stewing at home with my family Has been taught from elder oops Home You have many recipes that are made and delicious until you can not stop, such as braised cauliflower, boiled cauliflower, or a wide variety of stir-fried foods and sweet and savory dishes. Also likes to make desserts as well

For the recipe for making cauliflower stewed with shiitake mushrooms, Chinese medicine is very easy. Start by cleaning the cauliflower. Cut in half (In the case of small children) or divide 4 (in the case of large children) After that, soak in water, wash and clean After that, the orange chili. Come to cool the pole, wash and set aside.

The next step is Prepare fried pork belly It started by cutting the pork belly into small, large pieces as you like. Fried in the pan You don't need to use oil. Use the broth and stir fry the pork belly fat, it will come out just right. When stir-frying, they are fried with garlic cloves, coriander root, Chinese medicine (Nguk Taek and Huay Sua) and season to taste. Sugar, oyster sauce, ground pepper or black pepper and well-seasoned powder until sweet and salty contrast with pork.

After that, put the prepared cauliflower in the casserole. If anyone likes radishes Can be washed, cut radish And can put them all at the same time Then pour the pork that we have fried until the meat is over the cabbage. Followed by pouring oyster sauce again. To increase the aroma when baking (With a cauliflower When we cook something Will be completely absorbed by the cabbage cloves Can be called wasted, sweet, wasted, a little salty But certify that it will definitely come out delicious Or who thinks consuming soy sauce May use salt to help, it can be done.) After that it is stewed until the cauliflower is softened. When reduced, then taste more seasoning, if lack of sweetness, use sugar. Lack of salty, use white soy sauce With sugar lid sauce Let the flavor of the cauliflower Finished the ceremony

You can see the stew process by following the clip.


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