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GoCare! Chinese herbs stewed bitter chicken noodle recipe.

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GoCare!  Chinese herbs stewed bitter chicken noodle recipe.


 Today I teach you to make noodles, stewed chicken, bitter gourd, Chinese medicine. New pot adjustment recipe, new area "Zab Him Suan-Lampang Shop", let's take a look.

1. Prepare a mesh bag Or thin white cloth with pandan leaves, 1 chicken frame, 4-5 glasses of dried galangal, 1 pineapple chili, 5.5 chili, 1 handful of coriander root, 4-5 heads of pickled garlic (garlic juice is poured into the soup pot. ), 4-5 pieces of star anise, tie the mouth of the bag, throw into the pot

2. Cook a pot, add about 2 handfuls of soybean seeds or add as you like, 4-5 large rock sugar, 1 cup coconut sugar, 1 cup granulated sugar, roughly ground white pepper, powder. Rosdee 1 pan, Salted black soy sauce, Tiger Brand 3 puffs, Tiger brand sweet black soy sauce 1 pan, Red cap sauce (no sugar cap) 1 pan, sauce Half green cap

3. Put the Chinese medicine as you like, Nek Tek Tek, Huay Su Goji

4. Separate chicken pieces in a separate casserole. To keep the chicken pieces in good shape And can keep selling overnight Or stew to fill the pot until the end The broth will not be too oily when simmered with radishes. Sweet salty seasoning Let the taste buds contrast Use black soy sauce, salty black sweet white sugar, a little brown sugar to make it sweet and soft.

5. Separated bitter gourd may boil water for 1 time and bring the noodle soup to boil again. Gives beautiful bitter gourd color and good taste

6. Fry the garlic to make yellow onion.

7. Prepare vegetables soaked with bean sprouts and kale ready. (Today I forgot to buy bean sprouts Therefore use cauliflower instead The pot has been sold out)

8. Prepare your noodles

9. Chili paste seasoning Take chili, orange, coriander root, garlic, small cloves. Roasted in a pan to dry and fragrant. Then take it to spin thoroughly With vinegar Sugar and salt ratio is roasted chilies, half garlic, 2 bottles of vinegar, 2 tablespoons of salt, 3 tablespoons of sugar.

10. Chili powder, use in the form of wet roasted cayenne pepper, it is very good. Customers like *** a little urgent, stick where, try to adjust. *** Fixing is delicious.

The original Pramachan taught me is Louis Kae used to sell in Ratchaburi. And Pattaya before At that time, she returned to study with Aunt Cherry and brought him to Nakhon Si Thammarat. While I myself do some sales during the festival at the Khlong Thanon heal line. The formula for success has been modified from the original Aunt Cherry cut out some steps. I will add some steps. And not doing regular sales Sold only at the moment, but now Zab Him Suan shop in Lampang We do sell every day, so with the reduced size of the pot. Ingredients that cannot be bought in everything in the area We have to adjust accordingly. Aunt Sherry has died from chronic disease, so adjusting the ingredients, I take the responsibility here, but I want you to consider it to be considered appropriate for the environment. And own shop Sales success Is based on the experience of each person In which the element is an area to make a living I give it in the recipe that you make, store, sell, not spoiled, not spoiled, not spoiled, if you want to throw the chicken into the casserole, then you are not wrong. In case you sell out day to day Alternatively, you can add fish sauce instead of the salty black sauce if you like, so it's a cook. Everyone is good. Especially people who used to sell Different people have their own recipes. If you are sure that it tastes better Pry it out and give it away. You can paste the link under the clip. People from different areas will have a career to make a living, not wacky. Under the clip, the person he intends to do looks bad, ask her. See P.S. I'll summarize the ratio again. For those who like this recipe

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