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GoTemp! ep.5 prayer for fortunes

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GoTemp! ep.5  prayer for fortunes

First, I want to say If you do good deeds We don't be embarrassed. Because of praying to worship the Buddha for Thai people like us Considered to be a great merit creation, therefore, if facing the temple I wish to act sincerely Holy things you will know And you will really see

When we go to the temple We must first ensure that our precepts have all five precepts or not. When I have cleansed my body and mind thoroughly That is the right time for us to enter the holy place. After that, look for the temple. Or a church at any temple that can find a place of peace Or if we are in the city There might not be a place that actually brought in at home. At a private room Bring it up afterwards, remember the relics of the birthday Chant the worship and ask for forgiveness from the relics first. Continue with chanting Itipiso 108, then chanting the spell of the deity. Or Auchiswichai. This is it. To increase the prestige of their deities Continue with the chanting Chinnabanchon To pray for the grace of the jewels And all Arahants Protect and protect yourself to be safe Add auspiciousness to life Finished, we make a wish. But must have these elements as well

1. Have at least 5 precepts. That means Two days before, three days before, he was drunk and drunk. Or to do something bad To repent of sins first Then Arathanasalai 5 before entering the temple and telling himself that I am going to forgive what I have done to others. Or wrong to myself who measured And I will set aside all bad things Will not bow into himself Or bring it as little as possible

2. Aim in the operation of the business. Or operate a clear business So that the time to make a wish can be truly successful If you don't really know what to do or if you don't really have a way out, go and ask the Lord for mercy to open the way to see the light.

3. Have the intention to perform any merit in exchange for the said blessing, not requesting and then letting go through it. And the truth of speech must be fulfilled as well

And this is a sample clip that I had to pray at Wat Phra That Doi Phra Chan. Recharge yourself Have the energy to make a living and think more efficiently.



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