GoTemp! ep.4 Praying and worshiping the Naga

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GoTemp! ep.4  Praying and worshiping the Naga

Of faith in the serpent royal so I want to share my experience. During the COVID crisis that affected many entrepreneurs, including myself. Enough to rely on the world People will always run for refuge. When the operating results are sluggish So I decided to do this ... I started by changing myself. From what indulgences, indulge your mouth, want to drink, want to have fun, to forget about debt Or even smoking When there are stressful things, I tend to avoid smoking cigarettes. Until the situation was not upheld as before It gives us a lot of thought.

First of all, I was like sitting still and looking in the mirror looking at my karma. Saw myself as "What kind of karma I have done in this life now, is it affecting me?" I look back on last year. While the performance was booming I despise other people. That people like to borrow money That this person does not make a living Staring at asking for money Now come back and look at yourself. That we were in trouble I couldn't find my money in time. In the past, I spent a lot of money What do you want to buy? Never had enough savings left, now I have to sell everything worth To sustain themselves from the burden of debt In the past, there were only respected people, and nowadays there are people gossiping that they have exhausted their debts, I believe that everything is due to the purely karma that I have made, which karma is the outcome of our actions.

I'm still lucky. At this coronavirus crisis It made me sane. And stood up to fight again with true intelligence First, I immediately cut out unnecessary things from my life. 1. Drinking alcohol or beer. Regardless of the situation, it is followed by wastefulness, lack of consciousness and number 2. I am completely quitting smoking. And with the fact that I am a believer in the serpent since I can remember So I use strong drugs on myself. I swear to the Lord Thao Wiruk And father, grandfather, Srisuttho Nakarat Including Mae Ya Sripatum Manakini That this life will not touch alcohol Or smoking again for the rest of my life Because it is a deterrent to my intelligence It is an act that does not drink, does not smoke, or dies But I can't live without it I am so bored of them. Therefore choose to cut them off first

After that, I turned to pray and worship the serpent. With this chant It gives more consciousness and a drive to overcome obstacles. And what follows is a by-product As good luck There was unexpected money to help. And it has resulted through dire situations. Later, fortune came again. Help support our lives until now

I have been in the coronavirus crisis since March 2020, it has always been bad and the restaurant has been sluggish. Regular work must stop. Because the company has no operating results (Travel business Were directly affected in this matter) Until now, it has been 9 months since many of us have suffered from economic conditions that are more than sluggish. And bulking liabilities Plus the political situation that is counted to be very aggravating, aggravating

Up to now, I can tell you that I have a very positive energy to fight life. And must be able to accomplish it Therefore want to share this article For anyone who is frustrated and helpless. Let's turn to rely on merit. Rely on sacred things I didn't lose anything. As long as we practice good, have the five precepts in place, they will bring awareness. And this consciousness itself That will be an element of wisdom Allowing us to resolve problems one by one safely and smoothly. It depends on diligence, patience, perseverance and accomplish it as well. If to pray and pray But didn't find an opportunity Or not allowing them to generate income for themselves It certainly will not affect anything in life.


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