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Maintain health in a COVID crisis | with organic herbal tea from the garden | Made by baking in a charcoal oven Sip the sweet scent every day.

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Maintain health in a COVID crisis | with organic herbal tea from the garden | Made by baking in a charcoal oven Sip the sweet scent every day.

 It is said that good tea must be processed carefully. Makes smell and taste fresh. When you sip for the process of producing flowers or herbal teas. Can be called differently Some people use the method of drying in the sun until completely dry. Some use roasted to stop the growth of cells in tea leaves. And put it in the sun again But at our heal farm We will bring it toasted until fragrant. And go into the tea oven Which is a charcoal oven That will smolder and stimulate the aroma to infuse the tea very well. Makes it sweet and fragrant when brewing with hot water, sipping it in the morning and before bed restoring the body's functions. Each type of tea Will have different properties Today we would like to present flower tea. And herbal tea, home of Thai people that are useful to 5 important organs of the body, that is

Peep flower tea - Its outstanding properties are nourishing the lungs, trachea.

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea - Its outstanding properties are to nourish the eyes. Reduce blood sugar Antioxidant

Bamboo leaf tea - its outstanding properties are kidney nourishment. The intestinal tract and blood circulation Restoration of the complexion

Stevia Tea - Its outstanding properties are liver maintenance. Reduce sugar and fat in the blood.

Pandan Tea - Its outstanding properties are heart nourishment.

In addition, all 5 types of tea can also be brewed together according to your wishes, such as those who are addicted to sweet. Mix stevia tea with other teas so that you can smell and taste that kind of tea, but it has the sweetness of stevia.

The process of making tea of ​​each place will be different. For our heal tea Will use a 100% organic crop method, in addition to not adding pesticides We do not use chemical fertilizers to maintain the soil. (Personally, I am a person who likes natural soil. And if it is good soil Black soil like here I can overlook chemical fertilizers. But will try to provide organic soil with compost Or more cow manure Because at least we also get by-products as manure with monthly fertilizer)

In this picture, it is a stevia tree planted by our heal farm. Stevia is another very good blood-nourishing miracle as well. The process of making stevia tea is very easy. Just harvest and clean After that, put it in a hot air oven. Or drying in natural sunlight But for our home We will use a charcoal oven. Which increases the fragrance of tea leaves remarkably

This is different from bamboo leaf tea. Or pandan tea, both of these types, we will select beautiful leaves Come clean After that decorate the leaves to fuzz. And then roasted until obtained And put into the oven Bake with charcoal until completely dry. The smell will be very fragrant. Bring it to brew in very hot water. Leave it for 15-20 seconds and take a sip to relieve your thirst. Nourishes the heart and kidneys as well.

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