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16 benefits of bamboo leaves you should know And how to make organic bamboo leaf tea

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16 benefits of bamboo leaves you should know And how to make organic bamboo leaf tea

The bamboo tree is a versatile tree that lives along the way of people since ancient times. It can grow in any land condition. And all weather conditions It is resistant to sunlight, can withstand rain well, has a long life, said that bamboo will die when the bamboo blooms. After flowering it will perennial die. Which took a very long time Bamboo has the ability to absorb water from the soil layer. And spit water back to the land from time to time to add moisture to the forest as well as the bamboo leaves when they fall to the ground. Can also prevent weeds And create moisture as well as fertilized soil

With the ability to preserve ecosystems for land and forests like this, bamboo is a wonderful plant that many may have overlooked. Have you ever noticed that When we are under bamboo trees or bamboo umbrellas, we feel cool. Fresher than usual That's because of the bamboo. It can emit 35% more oxygen than other plants and can absorb up to 5 times more carbon dioxide than ever. As we can see, people grow bamboo along the bank To prevent erosion of the soil along the bank itself In addition, bamboo helps prevent storms. And serves as a barrier to slow down the flow of wild water as well

Let's talk about the benefits of bamboo leaves. Many of you may not yet know that bamboo leaves can be made into healthy drinking tea. As well as the taste and smell Also scented Let's take a look at the bamboo leaf tea making process first.

First of all, you need to cut out the beautiful bamboo leaves and wash them thoroughly and then use scissors to cut them or if you like small pieces, you can use a knife to slice. (Personally, I will cut it into pieces.) When you cut the bamboo leaves, you will be roasted in the pan. (Must be a pan that is separate from the kitchen Otherwise, the fishy smell definitely enters the bamboo leaves.) The roast in this pan This is called the process of stopping the growth of cells in bamboo leaves. The language of the tea makers called Massage bamboo leaves. After kneading the bamboo leaves until they are completely dry, the scent pops up. Let us bake the bamboo leaves in a hot air oven. (For me to use a charcoal oven Because it is very fragrant) or anyone who does not have an oven Can be taken to dry in the sun But the aroma and taste will differ from baking. After going through this process until you get the place Bamboo leaves are completely dry. And ready to be tea for drinking

16 benefits of bamboo tea you need to know

1. Absorb toxins in the digestive tract and intestines. It also can cure indigestion, indigestion, diarrhea as well.

2. Maintain a healthy oral cavity, both gums and teeth, can stop bad breath.

3. Helps with sleep Makes sleep well and relax.

4. It stimulates blood circulation.

5. Reduce cholesterol waste from the body.

6. Helps to detoxify

7. Nourish your skin to be bright and radiant Has high collagen Thus helping to eliminate dead cells as well

8. Solve hangover symptoms.

9. Helps maintain the brain and nervous system.

10. It lowers blood pressure.

11. Relieve symptoms related to menstruation. (For ladies)

12. Help diuretic

13. Helps reduce blood sugar.

14. Treat abnormal breathing And possible asthma

15. Drinking bamboo tea during the last month before childbirth. Will help make childbirth easier

16. Boost immunity from silica and other minerals in bamboo leaves.

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