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GoTravel! ep.3 Chae Son National Park> Ban Pa Miang A small village in his embrace (with a clip)

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GoTravel! ep.3 Chae Son National Park> Ban Pa Miang A small village in his embrace (with a clip)

Lampang, a city that has been estranged, but nowadays, the secondary city tourism trend has started to rise Causing many people to turn themselves away from the busy main tourist city Come to a more peaceful city But with the work characteristics of Thai people Congestion on saturday sunday It makes it really inevitable to have to compete and compete for use in various attractions

Therefore, most of the working people Therefore choose to accumulate holidays And travel on weekdays For privacy And experience of the attractions that are fully

Chae Son National Park It can be considered that there is a fairly complete set of tourism. Whether it is a hot spring That tourists can bring the eggs down to hard-boiled until cooked For those who like hard-boiled eggs, soft-boiled for 15 minutes, the yolk and white are soft-boiled. But if you want to cook a little longer, blanch for 17-18 minutes. The yolk will be soft and soft. And the egg white is a white jelly that is eating

In addition, there is also a room for taking a hot spring onsen inside the farmhouse.  But of course, that Should be in winter Late rainy season Or in the rainy season it will definitely be more suitable than the summer

In addition, if bringing the car to the left Will have a path leading to Chae Son Waterfall This is a nature study path where you can walk up to see the waterfalls at different levels. The distance is the same. Or will walk along a stream Can come down to a hot spring Along the way, you can swim in the spot that is not dangerous according to the various warning signs. Saw a group of antimony fish ever swimming

For the toilet at the port of the National Chae Son National Park There are many service points. And also has a cooperative store Including community shops during the holidays But if it is a normal day There will be only a few stores. If you wish to leave your stomach here, I suggest you bring some lunch boxes to eat under the green trees with good weather and the wind would be better. There are tables to sit under the tree, serving many points.

If you come up Chae Son National Park and have some time left, I recommend you to go up and visit Ban Pa Miang as well. Even if you go from January to February, it will be very good because it is the crescent flower blooming period at Lan Dok Siew. Not taken to see If anyone is interested in staying at a homestay, chic, comfortable, chill-out style Experience the community lifestyle, slow life, recommend staying at Ban Pa Miang straight away. Ask the villagers Everyone is very cute



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