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GoTemp! ep.2 Wat pa tard doi pa charn, Beautiful temple in Lampang, Thailand.

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GoTemp! ep.2  Wat pa tard doi pa charn, Beautiful temple in Lampang, Thailand.



Hello everyone !  Today we will take you to the temple name Wat pa tard doi pa charn.  Is located at Mae ta district, Lampang province.  About 25 kilometers from the city.  Convenient path through Pa Tan village.  Through Pa Tan village up to the top of the Doi Phra Shan at the top of the mountain there is a beautiful viewpoint.  When arrive at the temple area below anyone who wants to walk up the hill can start from here.  

Wat pa tard doi pa charn [doi pa charn temple]  From records in ancient scriptures of Wat na kot luang wrote that,  In the era of Buddha's time. The Lord Buddha walked in the air to rest above the top of this mountain.  [The word "Charn" means walking in the air,  From then, we call Doi pa charn.]  The resting place of the Lord Buddha is a stone.  Was the worship of the people of that time. 

This temple was built around 1901.  Kroo ba jao Arnothai, Guardian of Lampang monks was the leader in building this temple.  Kroo ba jao Pinda, kroo ba jao Teja, kroo ba jao Tam and many monks Laying the foundation stone.  This step we call "vang si ra lerk" is the fist step before construction.  After that, build a pagoda to cover the resting place of the Lord Buddha.    

This place is considered an old temple was full of many mysteries.  It is a holy place that peoples in Pa Tan Village most Respect.  After the first restoration, there are still no people living near this temple.  There is only the worship of peoples in the village once a year.  A monk name Panya Kan tee yo, Is the leader of the villagers to improve the place.  Built a pond, pavilion, plowing the soil in the ridge area into a courtyard.  For use in the worshiping of the royal relics.  Before he died He told the villagers that,  This place is not mine, In the future The owner will continue to renovate until completion.  This hearsay is proven by all villagers.  

At a later time abbot name pa arjarn Ponchai Have stayed here on 5 March 2009.  Before knowing this temple, he dreamed that someone was told him to stay here.  And there was a voice telling him that Please come to help restore the temple to completion.  This place will bring many people to heaven in the future.  Therefore gathered with the people of the village to renovate and restore again.  Another monk name Piyapong was dream that a great serpent took them to the top of the mountain.  

There is also another legend that is told a story of Mrs.Sumalee in the village.  One day in the year 2012, while the abbot meditated at noon. Had a vision of a woman,  With curly hair, fluffy hair, dark make-up and dressing like westerners.  She has a black robe.  She stood still in front of the abbot.  She asked the abbot When will you build a temple?  The abbot replied that,  "there is no capital to do. Make money for me, then I will finish building."  She said "yes, I'll find it for you." Then that woman disappeared.  

Thank you everyone for reading my diary.  If there is an English language error, I apologize to everyone as well.  Welcome to Lampang City, and thank you very much.

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