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GoDeep! ep.4 The Mysterious Legend of "Lom Phu Khiao", Ngao District, Lampang Province (with clips)

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GoDeep! ep.4  The Mysterious Legend of "Lom Phu Khiao", Ngao District, Lampang Province (with clips)

Lom Phu Khiao is located in Tham Pha Thai National Park. Natural sculpture caused by the collapse of the earth's crust. Or limestone layers Which may have previously been a hollow cave before When the ceiling of the upper cave collapses, it becomes a water receiving point. Call this phenomenon "collapsed hole", scholars estimate that it is more than 280 million years old. Villagers trekking to find a beautiful emerald green water source. Surrounded by steep limestone cliffs in the middle of this dry evergreen forest. "Lom Phu Khiao" is located 96 kilometers from the city of Lampang (Ngao district), driving without rest, is 1.30 hours.

Lom Phu Khieo is a wonder that occurs naturally. In addition, there are also myths and mystical stories from the elders of the Anon villagers who believe that there is a large serpent or a serpent guarding this place, known as "Chao Pho Lom Phu Khiao" in the past. Every year By bringing rice bowls, flowers, incense, candles, decorated on the log Then pray the mind to float to the middle of the water It turned out that the timber was submerged. For a moment, it floated back up Where the incense and candles did not go out as well It was a great surprise to the villagers. Therefore believe that The water in this Phu Khieo creek Holy water Used to drink and eat to treat ailments. And used as a part of various Buddhist mantras until now

Another belief about the trees that grow around the quagmire. There will be dry leaves falling down the water surface every day. But it turns out that every morning Those leaves will disappear Leaving only clear water Looking down to see fishes swimming beautifully. Villagers believe If the fallen leaves Submerged in this non-circulating water For hundreds of years, the water would have spoiled. But this is still the same beautiful nature every day. It was very skeptical.

There is also another story that there are four novices who have come to play at this Lom Phu Khieo. At that time, this quagmire was completely floating over the water. The novice then prayed I want to see what is in this water. Immediately, there was a vision of a 7-colored glass Buddha image on the hump rising above the water. And a serpent wandering around that Buddha image When leaving Nimit It turned out that the mint that covered the water had completely disappeared. Now it is said that one of the four novices is still ordained as a monk at the temple in Onon village. To tell what he has encountered

There are still many tales from the filming team when it opened as a new tourist attraction that met a miracle. And the mystical things from this lump of Phu Khiao, such as bringing a small plane to film And the plane seems to be thrown by something to hit a limestone cliff When the team tried to climb up to collect Instead, he heard the roar of the tiger several times. In this forest, there should be no tigers. Until having to barely leap out And have to ask for support from Pratupha camp In order to recover the aircraft the next day

Another thing that visitors can imagine from looking at the surface of the water. When the shadow of the limestone cliff hits the water Can be transformed into various fields, the villagers believe Depending on action And mental concentration Something that is under this mountain May communicate with those who visit it.

Currently, this Lom Phu Khiao is open to visitors for free. There is no cost at all. However, the rules must be followed: never put your feet in the pond, do not bathe, or feed the fish. Because these fish Believing villagers have released it and are believed to be a family member of Pho Pho Lom Phu Khiao. And villagers will give bananas as their daily food Tourists do not need to feed at this point, at least respect the villagers' rules. For the next beautiful nature too

For corridors And viewing point for Lom Phu Khiao The official has arranged to make it complete. Beautiful and very proportional It may be a little difficult to go up and down, but it is quite strong.

As for the parking lot in front, there are full facilities such as a wide parking lot, restaurants, drinks, restrooms, the only thing that I want to leave is that Don't expect to do many activities at this place. Because it is ecotourism And is a natural exploration Some tourists walk in with the words that Driving for a long distance, is it just right? ... It is worth looking for a little bit of natural science. You are going to climb a cliff. Or jumping into the water would not be suitable Because of the water in this Phu Khiao creek Difficult to fathom Used to have an explorer drop the rope Or use a measuring stick already Or even a diver Cannot reach the ground More than 40 meters deep if any tourists go down May be able to stay in front of the quagmire as a family godfather, 

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who came to read it. The author will try to dig up various stories to share with each other often, get rid of loneliness and also leave our youtube channel. There are many more stories ever. 

..... Pailong ....

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