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GoDeep! ep.3 Naga legend, belief in the representative of abundance.

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GoDeep! ep.3  Naga legend, belief in the representative of abundance.

Thai people believed in large serpents call Paya Naga. In fact, this belief was come from India. Example the serpent name Phuchong Nakarat around the neck of Mahadev, the bigest deva of Brahmin - Hindu. The serpent name Arnantanakarat was bench of Naraiyana.

In Thailand, the serpents has been with Thai culture for a long time.  Whether the pattern around the temple wall,  stairs of the temple,  or statues in accordance with Buddhist holy places.  Because of the serpents call Payanak so deeply rooted in the legend of Lord Buddha.  When he was meditation before enlightenment it wrapped around by a large serpent name Mutjarin Nakarat, he protected him from rainstrom, became a statue of Buddha protected by the hood of the mythical serpent.

Long time ago, the believed that one serpent disguised as a monk in Buddhism But captured by the noble disciples.  Therefore resigned from being a monk.  The serpent had requested the Lord Buddha that Before ordination Please call that person Naga.  This culture was only practiced in Southeast Asia, not included Indian culture.

The believed in serpents as same as Chinese dragons or Korean dragons, and believed of guradas in Thai as same as phoenixs or red swans in Chinese too.  It is look like something are the opposite, such as white and black, dark and bright,  fire and water etc.  Consistent with the belief in Taoism.

The serpents of Thailand has 4 groups,  

1.  Pali call Aunthacha =  was born from eggs with green scales, in rapata famillies.

2.  Pali call Chalapucha =  was born from the mother's womb with rainbow scales maybe white, blue, red, orange etc., they are in chapayabuta families.

3.  Pali call Sangsetacha = was born from dirty water or mud with black scales in kanhakotama families.  

4.  Pali call Opatica = was born from naturally with gold scales in virupak families, in the ruling class.

One legendary of serpents in Thailand was born from Gassayapa hermit.  He is a god father, creator of angels and many humans in faith.  He has 13 wives and 2 of them was mother of serpents and garuda.  Madame Gathru was the mother who gave birth to 1,000 serpents, because she requested Gassayapa hermit to be blessed like that.  Madame Veenata was the mother who gave birth to garuda and arun angel.  When madame Veenata giving 2 eggs, in impatience, she smashed the first egg and gave birth to an arun angel with only half the body.  In anger at his mother then cursed her mother to enslave madame Gathru for 500 years before flying to heaven.   And this curse will disappear when the second egg is born.  

Madame Veenata and madame Gathru both of them is rivalry since the past and made a bet.  Madame Gathru used cheats to win and madame Veenata became a slave since that day.  Over the past 500 years, the second egg has hatched into a large bird of great power, known as Vanatai and he  helped his mother overcome slavery.  Later, we knew of Venatai in the name of Garuda.  The reason for her mother's defeat is due to the tricks of  999 serpents we call Naga. Causing Garuda and the Naga to be enemies since then onwards.  But one of them do not share cheats with his brothers and sisters,  he was the big brother name  A-Nantanakarach.  He therefore created merit until becoming a residence of Vishnu at a later time.

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