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GoTravel! ep.2 / 3 Kanchanaburi during COVID Land of clouds, fog and rain, Ban E-Tong, Pilok Thong Pha Phum mine (with clips)

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GoTravel! ep.2 / 3 Kanchanaburi during COVID Land of clouds, fog and rain, Ban E-Tong, Pilok Thong Pha Phum mine (with clips)

The first time the author has visited this village. Should be around the year 2558, at that time there were still few tourists Not awkward, like today Notice that Tourist attraction based on beautiful nature When there are many tourists flock Will be destroyed little by little That is because of the easy habits of some groups of tourists. The author would like to draw his head on this matter. Because Ban E-Tong has been affected quite a bit by tourists.

After we woke up late at Sangkhlaburi We pack our luggage and prepare to go up to Baan E Dong together. From this point, it is approximately 144 kilometers, it takes 3 hours to travel, plus another stop for another meal, about 4 hours should be possible, we will go up to E-Tong House in the other evening. Home It is one of the best places to rest your body and mind. Because of the community culture of the E-Tong villagers It is quite neat and simple. Must follow the village rules strictly Because this period has not passed the COVID-19 crisis. Therefore all must wear And the main rule of thumb is Do not make noise after 22.00 hrs. Because most tourists focus on relaxation, simple and natural. And almost all villagers after 3.00 pm have closed their houses to sleep Going up, we have to respect and respect the place as well.

For the route up to the E-Tong House The challenge started after the release of Thong Pha Phum market. It will be the way up to the village of E-Tong, which curves to 399 curves. But if asked if there is a way to repair or not Is that the staff and villagers always help each other repair However, you can check the Facebook group "Baan Eee Tong People Rak Club". There will be people in the community always coming out to answer questions.

And then we came up to the house. It's dark. Today the fog is down a lot, I don't hesitate to go up Nern Chang Suek immediately. The author is a fog man. Like most Actually, for this trip, we don't have any plans to come up with E-Tong House review. Because Jokkradin waterfall is still not open Nern Chang Suek is not a good way. And the main tourist spots of E-Tong Village are as follows. There will be some walks at the Thai-Burma Friendship Channel. Some flagstones It is suitable for a spin or jogging line. But the most wow view is on the Suek Chang Hill anyway But the reason that came up today is because we have already checked in at Thong Pha Phum. "Nu Dam", the beauty queen of the village, he saw Therefore sent a message to peck us that Didn't you come up? So it got up, and until now we decided to go. Up to Nern Chang Suek, one round before dusk, in case of seeing clouds What will happen in the morning? I can't guess. The weather here is unpredictable. It is in the sun. Wait. Rain. Cold. Fog. Sunshine.

And then we go back to rest. This trip, we sleep at "Love Pilok Homestay", supervised by handsome Mr. Bank. Director of Baan Eee Tong Hospital Travel here for peace of mind, as Dr. Bank takes full care of hygiene. This evening, we have a very easy meal. Order food from "Nong Noi Kitchen" or Pee Noi, our beautiful sister. That comes every time Will come to leave your stomach with you But who is going to order food at Phi Noi restaurant Recommend walking to tell her in advance Or who has a phone number to order first Don't sit and wait at the store, it'll be slow because you did it to your mom. But tell me it's slow but sure The food is delicious. Coming to this point, let me tell you a bit. Eating at home Tourists do not expect much. Because he is a small village, there will be a la carte restaurants, noodle shops, pork katha shabu shops, and small shops in the community market. After eating local food, there is rice and curry in the morning, which is delicious.

For today there is not much. The stomach is full and it is fun to lie down and relax in the cool air, take a bath with mineral water, apply cream, sleep with a lot of happiness (P.S. The water here is a bit slippery, it is pure mineral water that actually flows through the gorge in the pond as seen in the picture. This is a pond supporting mineral water. The mineral water here is a source of water that nourishes the Ban Eong community.)

Waking up this morning, we hurriedly bounced up the hill next to the battle. I'm afraid I didn't take beautiful pictures with the fog and I won't be disappointed. Get a beautiful picture of fog moving to keep the readers as usual As the author said We really cannot guess. Personally, the author has encountered every situation at this Nern Chang Suek, whether it is fog, rain, wind, or the heaviest, it is a rainstorm haha ​​... But would like to leave the tourists for a little while that Nern Chang Suek has only a few officers guarding Bringing up the garbage to the next with a bin should not be thrown away. Should be helped to collect them all as well And the problem with Noen Chang Suek is the toilet when tourists flock to come up. The bathroom is not adequate. He had to take a truck to pump the tank. Not having plumbing as many of you understand Therefore, I would like us to help each other to relieve the burden of the community as much as possible.

Most of the products in the village are utensils, snacks and souvenirs as seen. But if it is the clothes Or the talisman jewelry must go to the shop "Hug Pilok", there is a real end of everything

Pilok Mine In fact, the word Pilok is not in the Burmese dictionary. It is a derogatory term for haunted, if it were really said in the era of mining boom. Then Burmese workers like to sell ore to the UK. Violate the Thai police order Therefore there were firing collisions There were many casualties. Around the age of 10+ years of prosperity in the mining industry until the price slump in 1985, 40-50 mines here were shut down. In that era, all mines were all called Pilok mine.

It's too late, we have to go back and forth today. Before going back to pay respect to Luang Ta at Wat Mueang E Pu. Luang Ta is only 97 years old. You are not very good at Thai Speak. If anyone goes to find an interpreter, it will be very good. Thai chants here It's time for you to bless Pali as well.

It's a good time, we have to go back together. It can be said that this trip has seen travel in a new perspective. Tourism in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic That can make the city calm And saw the smile of a friend through the crow's feet With a mask Have fun in another way.



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