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GoTravel! ep.2 / 2 Kanchanaburi during COVID, Visit the city of three experiences, Sangklaburi.

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GoTravel! ep.2 / 2 Kanchanaburi during COVID, Visit the city of three experiences, Sangklaburi.

When the name of "Sangkhlaburi", it is a favorite among travelers who want to experience a simple lifestyle. Multicultural Especially the local culture that can be called a real charm at this city of Sangkhlaburi

After we leave from Thong Pha Phum market To enter Sangkhlaburi District This is not our first time, so I can say that the author visits a lot. For Sangkhlaburi There are quite a variety of tourist attractions. Depending on the purpose of each person Since driving from Thong Pha Phum You will find Kering Krawea Waterfall, a small waterfall along the way as a stopover. This trip, the water is dry. And there are still quite a few tourists Because only two weeks after the coronavirus outbreak So take the old clip that was previously taken and paste it for viewing. That Kering Krawea Waterfall What's the atmosphere in general? How about this article? The author asks for permission to remove old pictures and clips. To tell a lot of new chapters, many episodes But will direct the timeline to be able to watch each other without confusion

At this point there is a sign showing the way to another waterfall. Namtok Dai Chong Thong is not recommended because it is a king cobra. Must have staff who are experts to travel Because the entrance is overgrown as well Not sure if the landscape has been adjusted yet. Anyway, who wants to check again?

When driving through the waterfall of Gering The right hand side is Khao Laem National Park. On the day that we went Not open for service yet, ask what is inside Khao Laem National Park? Of course, camping activities. Or accommodation is available And there will be hiking trails to explore nature Inside, there is a stream flowing from Kra Teng Cheng Waterfall. Medium-sized limestone waterfall with a height of 23 floors, you must contact the park staff. Because along the way Fangs of the Snake Paste it to see the old picture first.

When passing through the national park, he pointed to the left hand side will be Pom Pee view point This place is still not open as well on the day we travel. According to the surveillance situation for COVID-19 Things to see and do at Pom Pi Will be a place to stay There is a house in the park With a tent There is a cycling lane inhaling ozone. And the highlight is The viewpoint of the sun is very beautiful. Next to the water in Khao Laem Dam Or Vajiralongkon Dam But recommended in winter Or at the end of the rainy season, it will be the best. In summer, you need to bring a fan to stay alive, haha ​​... it's hot.

After about 34 kilometers past Pom Pee viewpoint, we have reached Sangkhlaburi. But have to admit that During this time we came together The water in Khao Laem Dam is very dry. Unfortunately, I can't keep the picture in time. But single taken in the morning at Mon Bridge, it will be clearly seen as well That the water is very dry.

Sangkhlaburi is a small town with many people living together such as Thai, Lao, Mon, Burmese and Karen people. In the proportion of Wang Ka Sub-district, there will be a wide variety of accommodations popping up in accordance with the tourism trend. It can be said that tourism has swallowed a lot of community ways. But still still smells a little bit of a peaceful city And then we have arrived at Sangkhlaburi The first point that we go to is Bodhgaya stupa modeled from India Is smaller than the actual body But the golden color is strikingly beautiful Still impresses every time you visit

First of all, tell me that Sangkhlaburi has two distinct water sides, namely the Wang Ka Municipality side. Or what most people call the Thai side. That's it. There will be people in Thailand and Burma. Most of the Lao people mix a little. But when we cross the cement bridge, turn left Go to the location of Wat Wang Wiwekaram, the replica Bodhgaya Pagoda All of these zones are displaced by the Mon people in Burma. Who followed Luang Pho Uttma to settle here But if you cross the bridge and turn right deep, will you be the Karen people? Most of them are like a multi-national city, right?

Before we go to Sangkhlaburi Today we drive a bit further at the end of the border area at the Three Pagodas Pass. Here, there will be a tour to pay respect to the Burmese side of Burma. Half Day Trip But we will choose to buy And also some very cheap liquor and tobacco products But in order to buy, you have to look at some rules, some things may be confiscated at the back gate. Here the author is not sure. The best way is to ask clearly at the checkpoint.

Actually, before going to the Three Pagodas Pass There will be another place to visit which is Kaew Sawanphan Cave It is the appearance of a cave in a monastery. Not recommended Because the way to the cave is difficult and dangerous if the landscape has been adjusted The author will visit again for the review. But from experience Not yet told through

When we entered the Wang Ka Sub-district Municipality We cross the Pune bridge to the Mon side first. To pay homage to the Bodhgaya Chedi first

The trick for paying homage to Phutthakhaya Chedi is walking Thaksin (right) around the chedi 3 rounds. Wish good luck I wish you a safe escape We can pick up a broom Sweep the surrounding floor to help the villagers. They will have a broom at a point where you can ask Mon villagers. (If he says, he doesn't answer Showing that he is not good at speaking Thai He's not arrogant, haha)

Before leaving here Do not forget to ask for blessings of the gods immediately for the good luck.

Whenever we arrived here Let me go back a bit. When the author had the opportunity to join the Songkran Mon festival They will arrange it in the parking lot here. The quaint is that his culture is not a splash of water like the others. There will be bamboo rails to pour water on the monks. Look and we will see the cooperation.

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