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GoDeep! ep.2 Legend of Dao Phra That Chom Ping That will float prominently on the night of the Big Buddha

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GoDeep! ep.2  Legend of Dao Phra That Chom Ping That will float prominently on the night of the Big Buddha

In go tempel ep.1, we have already mentioned the history of Wat Phra That Chom Ping. Now, we will tell you some stories about the legend of Chom Ping villagers about Dao Phra That. But I will talk about this already I would like to bring you beautiful pictures from Wang Waree Resort. Come to the story

Wangwaree Resort It is a small resort next to the Wang River. There are 4 villas, 2 large houses and 2 small houses. The owner is Dr. Or can swim in the accommodation area But the author would like to whisper here that If the water is dry in the dry season Not worth playing (Ai Ei). At Wang Waree Resort, this is the most obvious and beautiful place to see the stars. Because can see the scenery of both Wat Chom Ping Lum And the location of Phra That Chom Ping in one place With being on a high hill next to the waterfront

The view on this side that we can see from the distance is Wat Chom Ping Lum. (Different temples and Wat Phra That Chom Ping)

This side is the same side as Wat Phra That Chom Ping. This picture is a bit foggy.

The room here was comfortable, friendly. Or you can put a tent to sleep as well. Beautiful view, cool breeze

For the rumored Dao Phra That The author himself had a chance to see it once. Around 10:30 p.m. - 11:30 p.m., it looks like a small star shining over the moringa tree, the bushes flashed for a certain time and then disappeared. And can make wishes for wishes Unfortunately, the author did not have the opportunity to record the image at that time, the legend of Dao Phra That is only the story of the villagers of Chom Ping The author has no proof that The images you see are really true in any way. Could only tell to each other

The point of interest aside from the legend of Dao Phra That is the atmosphere of the accommodation. With the view of the Wang River in winter Really impressive, the rooms may not be very comfortable. Because it is a knock down house When walking, there may be a buzzing sound or lying there, there may be a slight popping sound. Don't be shocked. It is normal for this type of accommodation. For those interested, they can contact directly to Dr. Boonluek.

End with a beautiful picture at this resort.

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