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GoTemp! ep.1 Follow the footsteps of the Buddha's relics Wat Phra That Chom Ping, Lampang Provinc

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GoTemp! ep.1 Follow the footsteps of the Buddha's relics Wat Phra That Chom Ping, Lampang Provinc

Wat Phra That Chom Ping,  the location of the ancient Phra That Chedi Created by Phra Nang Chamadevi After the construction of Wat Phra That Lampang Luang, Wat Chom Ping continued to build. After that, this Chom Ping temple was abandoned until Than Nanthapanya. The mentor of  "Chao Lok"  (the era of the King Five hundred years ago King of the world Is the king of Nop Buri, Srinakornping, Chiang Mai In the era of the Lanna Kingdom His original name was  "Chao Lak" of the Mengrai Dynasty. After Lanna and Ayothhaya had a long battle And build relations with each other Due to the fact that he turned to Buddhism) has been restored In which this city was formerly known as Chumpitaram Than Nanthapanya has a friend named Ai Chom Phrae Both built different temples. Wat Ai Chom Phrae built Is Wat Chom Ping Lum Adjacent to the current Wang River The temple that Than Nanthapanya Burana built is Wat Chom Nabi. Or Wat Phra That Chom Ping itself.

Up to the year 2000, the battle of the Southern Phraya (Somdej Phra Borom Trailokkanat of Ayudhya) raised an army to the city of Lampang. Chao Muen Dong Nakhon does not go to government office in Chiang Mai Only Phra Nang Chamadevi is pregnant with Chao Han And dressed as a man went out to fight until the Phraya Tai army was defeated When Chao Muen Dong Nakorn and the King of the world know Raised an army from Chiang Mai to help fight This battle place was called "Maha Sanuk" and the victory was celebrated at Wat Phra That Chom Ping. Phra Nang Chamadevi has built a stupa of Chedi to enshrine the relics of the Lord Buddha. And re-named that "Wat Chom Phing Chaimongkol" until the distortion of the word Chom Ping as today.

(Hole in the wooden window of the Ubosot)
Wat Phra That Chom Ping It is located in Ban Jom Ping, Na Kaeo Sub-district, Koh Kha District, Lampang Province. It is 16 kilometers from Wat Phra That Lampang Luang. Caused by the monks Found the shadow of the relics in the Ubosot Until it became a sacred story Is a miracle of those who have never seen But in fact Is the light that shines through through the hole of the temple window And fall on the empty surface This is the principle of light refraction, similar to that of ancient pinhole cameras.

(The old temple hall where you can see the reflection of the relics with the light from the window)

When the word of the wonder is far and wide It has been seen the shadow of Phra That Head upside down at many other temples. Many temples have become like Lampang Province, etc. It's an unseen in Thailand ever.

Which of course You must close the doors and windows of the temple completely. When you will see the shadow of relics clearly And can record images beautifully in this perspective reflecting the beliefs of Thai Buddhists another Which, although this can be proven scientifically But we all still believe that it is a miracle It is something that happens naturally. There was no one to paint, drill holes, create a foolishness in any way. Believing without explanation that Shadow relics Create any miracle to worshipers.

For that author Want tourists Or those who come to worship Had looked at the foundation of Buddhism and the advent of Phra That Chedi above all In the reflection of the inverted relics It is a reminder for us Buddhists to remember the Lord Buddha. Regarding the teachings of transience, occurrence, setting and extinguishing, it is like light and shadow. If any day is cloudy No sun You would not have seen such an unusual picture of the upside-down relics. When we were born Have the opportunity to practice merit Hurry and act before the light of our lives runs out. As well.

Within this temple of Phra That Chom Ping There is also another beautiful architecture. At the entrance to the arch before reaching the central temple Which is the Lanna style of art The charm and mystique of the ancient temple is evident.

Inside the central temple Enshrines a Buddha image called "Luang Pho Buraphachan, 30 sights" for the atmosphere of Wat Phra That Chom Ping of this place Relatively quiet Suitable for cultivating one's mind Recommendations for tourists Or those who have a little more time May sit and meditate Or pray for a while to increase the prosperity of yourself Before walking, turn towards the end of the temple There will be a place for the members to gamble on their mission, that is, "Chao Mae Takhian Shrine".
Which temples do not have Chao Mae Takian Shrine? Considered the most lack of check-in point Here, personally, the author himself Try to ask many places and there is no real fortune. For those who like it, you can visit the temple behind the temple. I would like to recommend a little for those who believe. Or half believe Or will not believe, but do not disrespect anything I would like to remember the merit to spread the mind to her a little. Went to worship already Went to see the relics Will be compassionate to all beings The mind will be full of merit. It is the principle of life in a positive way that works well for the heart. End with this picture Our team Stand to admire the large Takhian timber But there is no more luck either, haha.

"Gambling does not make anyone rich. But it will not help anyone to come in trouble instead of the risky person. "

Honor each other Different people believe in each other. Or have different ideas, the main thing is how to live a happy life Do not persecute, share the suffering arising from all kinds of kings to others And please have the strength to fight against obstacles in daily life in order to be successful everyone is the best. And don't forget that The money that is obtained from the hard work is the most comfortable, can gamble, but do not exceed your wealth, not greedy and greed.

There is also a story about Dao Phra That. That will shine over the relics on the day of the Big Buddha And said Only for those with relational action.

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