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GoTravel! ep.1 Charm of Amphawa, the fruit town of the canal Take to the famous big white pomelo garden (clip)

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GoTravel! ep.1  Charm of Amphawa, the fruit town of the canal Take to the famous big white pomelo garden (clip)

Record Date 30 April 2020

After we slept in our bodies on an unusual day in the COVID-19 situation. According to the stay at home to stop the infection for the nation project, which has been around for a while There was a ringing sound from "Mae Ng Yong", our pioneer outfit. With a mission to cut pomelo to deliver 100 customers, and as always, appointment 08.00 to 09.00, according to the concept, not late, not Pai Long.

Our journey starts at Bang Yai District, Nonthaburi, running the Golden Jubilee Line, exiting Rama 2 through Samut Sakhon. The largest salt farming area closest to Bangkok, from this point we suspect that Thailand, we have three provinces. What are the differences? Samut Prakan was formerly Pak Nam. Located at the mouth of the Chao Phraya River There are 24 naval forts that are later in Samut Sakhon. Formerly Baan Tha Chin Tha Chin River Community Is a trading port for Chinese people in the past Now it comes to Samut Songkhram. Our approximate destination is the former Bang Chang sub-district. Of Ratchaburi Later separated into Mae Klong city And became the present Samut Songkhram province The priority is the King Taksin army against the Burmese army in Bang Kung Camp. Until Burma was defeated back Which is the importance of Wat Bang Kung today

Highlights of Wat Bang Kung Or the original Bang Kung Camp Seen to be an old church built in the Ayutthaya period That enshrines Luang Por Ninmanee which is very sacred The appearance of the church is covered by the roots of Bodhi, Krang and Krai trees as seen in the pictures.

(Reverend Father Nilmanee - Wat Bang Kung)

When we go to Amphawa If going in the morning and evening Can be done Most of the time, the highlight is "Amphawa Floating Market" with a wide variety of products to choose from. Whether it is a gift Full-option diet Or it is an activity to ride a boat to pay respect to the 5 temples, 9 temples, each of which will have a different beauty. But will be a temple that is ready in the form of merit-making tourism Here the author does not request to be advanced. But if it is to give a description in a personal sense about the 9 temples tourism, then it is not very happy.

For authors Good tourism Or finding merit in any place Will be happy with the mind that Only go to make merit with anyone This picture is a trip that I used to take my brothers and sisters to feel satisfied because they will be able to travel together like this for a long time. Please give permission to paste beautiful old pictures for you to see.

If looking in terms of family travel activities It is considered to be a very suitable trip. Depends on how we choose to learn Is the only important factor enough We have to come back to our main goal before we can go further, ha ha ha ... where is the pomelo orchard? Where have you gone?

It is said that Amphawa is a land city, that is, Rama IX. What kind of crops are beautiful? But in fact Not always, Amphawa has experienced a drought that the lychees have not been able to produce fruit for 4-5 years, so that farmers have complained to each other since 2013 until 2018. product Which is why there are many factors The climate The environment is the same. Breeding time Gaysorn There will be a representative to release the bees for good yield. And the by-products are beehives & honey.

Definitely not at the pomelo orchard if visiting for lychees Come back to the pomelo together, it is said that the plump white pomelo of Amphawa is Will be sweet to the heart Must be during the summer. That is when we come to collect this round (watch the clip)

"Big white pomelo" is a famous variety of Amphawa. The author himself often does not disappoint once. This trip, thanks to Uncle Lek for cutting pomelo, very cute, this time must wait again in August. To be able to grow at one more time

Popular fruits grown here are pomelo, lychee, mango, and fragrant coconut. The land in Bang Khonthi District adjacent to Amphawa is fertile soil. Wrong with Don Loi Lom That is mostly brackish water Which will be saline soil Need to adjust a lot Therefore, the secret to the deliciousness of this great white pomelo is "soil". Some garden owners will use the salt To sprinkle between 6-8 months before the grapefruit is ready to harvest. When cutting pomelo will be graded as Which result is big, plump, beautiful Will be a good price for a bit Followed may become a pomelo compote. Or inferior, may be converted to charcoal grapefruit Used to absorb odors Or, at worst, it will become bio-fermented water that can be used at all levels.

Amphawa community then People began to migrate after losing the city for the second time because of its abundance. It is named Amphawa by the meaning translated from the word Apawan is "Mango Forest", it comes from a dense mango plantation. In the old days Mango is a plant that tolerates the sun and rain well. It may be the origin of the name Amphawa, but when you actually abandon the Amphawa tree, what will it be? "Amphawa tree" usually grows along the river bank Rarely seen today Fruit of the Amphawa tree can be eaten. When cooked, the meat will turn yellow. It tastes like mango mixed with ripe olives. This trip has come to pomelo garden. Therefore, I would like to show you the pictures that I have taken when I came to have fun jumping in the water (cover photo) for a bit of excitement.

The water at Amphawa should be played during high tide, the water will be beautiful, cool and cheerful.

End with this picture. Thanks to everyone who came to read Bailong's journal. Next time I will continue to tell you. Hello.

Thank you all for reading the author's articles. Please follow us on the YouTube channel "Saiheal's Diaries" too. We will try to create good works for everyone to see for sure.

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