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GoCare! Herbal Mushroom Soup Against Flu During this COVID outbreak Must maintain their health very seriou

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GoCare! Herbal Mushroom Soup Against Flu During this COVID outbreak Must maintain their health very seriou

Let's start by making our special curry paste. This recipe is for 1 large bowl, can eat 2-3 persons.

Curry paste

1.  3 Shallots
2.  Krachai 5 roots
3.  2 orange chili peppers
4.  3 large cloves of garlic
5.  3 Coriander roots
6.  3 tablespoons of shrimp dust / shrimp powder

Pound everything together. After that, set 600-700 ml of water (about the pot, handle).

7.   Put the lemongrass into the pan.

8. Add 2-3 pieces of ginger, 4-5 pieces of galangal.

9.  Add our favorite mushrooms, you can add pumpkin and zucchini too, depending on your personal preference. With straw mushrooms as well, So I got mushrooms as I saw

There may be some bubbles when boiled. Do not panic. You can scoop it out.

10. Boil until the herbs break down, add basil and basil leaves as you like.

Seasoning with fish sauce Must be put in the boiling water only. Fish sauce to be fragrant For people who do not like to eat sweet Then finished the ceremony But anyone who is addicted to eating sweet Or want a little sweetness It is not recommended to use granulated sugar. Because it has only a negative effect on the body Use stevia juice instead. For the store, they are available in the form of stevia sugar or extract powder, which the extracted powder is mixed with hot water, a powder ratio: 1 liter of hot water, can be used instead of syrup. Use stevia juice 25 ml.

With roasted dried chilies to add aroma And a bit spicy But I like it. Finished, we will have real herbal mushroom curry to resolve the fever.

For those who can't buy shrimp dust You can order at the restaurant as well.

The medicinal properties of the mushroom curry 

1. Shallots: Contains Quercetin Which is a bronchodilator That has anti-viral, influenza, and immune-enhancing effects. And help expand the bronchi, cure the cold, congestion, reduce snot, chronic cough

2. Krachai: Nourish the brain, cure dizziness. Normalize blood pressure, maintain liver, treat gastritis Makes the kidneys healthy Help prevent thyroid poisoning Relieve angina symptoms And cure diseases in the mouth such as dry mouth, stomatitis

3. Orange chili: helps appetite. Help the respiratory system, reduce pressure, help blood circulation. Reduce stuffy nose Solve wind, colic, phlegm and urine.

4. Big clove of garlic : Reduce fat in the blood Prevent angina Anti-inflammatory Has an antioxidant effect Prevent cancer And stimulates the immune system to function effectively Antidote, flu, eating as an anti-inflammatory drug in the lungs in the chest.

5. Coriander root: Helps with appetite, sweating, expectoration, reducing fever.

6. Shrimp dust: chitin substances lower cholesterol levels in the blood. Helps in the movement of food residue in the intestine like fiber, of course, the shell of shrimp also contains calcium. The chitin obtained from the head and shell of shrimp is extracted into chitosan, most often used in the weight loss industry.

7. Ginger: Lung maintenance, treatment of symptoms, vomiting, dizziness. Relieve symptoms of acid reflux, sweating, poisoning, fever from the body, reducing fever, preventing colds, reducing cholesterol, coughing Because ginger contains many substances that kill the influenza virus. Experiments showed that old ginger water boiled in boiling water for 30 minutes caused macrophoid type white blood cells. Better catch the flu virus.

8. Galangal: expel the intestines. Relieve pain in the stomach As a carminative in women after childbirth Help digestion Cure bronchitis, respiratory tract, blood vessels

9. Lemongrass: Chinese and ancient Thai people Use lemongrass to treat colds, big colds, fever, headache, stomachache, is an herb that has excellent immunity enhancement effects. Helps to fight free radicals, cure inflammation and fight the flu virus.

10. Mushrooms: Properties of a wide variety of mushrooms are abundant as an elixir. Because it helps reduce fat in the blood vessels It also increases immunity against viruses and cancer. And it contains 21 amino acids, vitamin B1, B2, as high as yeast, high vitamin D, helps to support bones and is low in sodium. Suitable for people with kidney disease It also contains calcium, phosphorus and iron, which help build strong bones and teeth. The highlight of the mushroom diet is its high protein content. But low in fat Which is suitable for those who want to control weight Has potassium to help lower blood pressure.

11. Basil leaves: iron, nourish the blood, change oxygen, relieve sore throat, reduce cough, phlegm, high beta-carotene. Helps the body to synthesize more vitamin A Affect the skin care And nourishing the eyesight. Acid of phenolic compounds in basil leaves Effect of antioxidants. Help prevent cell degeneration Help prevent cancer Help your skin look younger

12. Holy Basil: Holy basil helps to keep the body warm and prevent cold symptoms. It has the effect of helping to excrete excess fat and sugar from the body. It lowers the level of fat in the body and lowers the blood sugar level. Can help prevent diabetes

13. Stevia: lowers blood sugar

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