Get a Carreer! Pork legs stewed (with clips)

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Get a Carreer! Pork legs stewed (with clips)

Today, let's give out Stewed Pork Leg recipes of our shop. Which the customers have complimented in the same voice that it is delicious, delicious, fragrant, smell like no other I will explain to you step by step. So as to not go back and forth

 Starting from buying pork legs Must focus on legs that burn clean, plump, beautiful, not old and not very fishy. Because the pork knuckle that smells heavy is the old pig's leg, after that we will start cleaning the pork leg. Here you can see the clip that I took for you. And can go through the steps But first, I want to say The stew recipe To be fixed is very difficult. Because you have to look at the firewood, see the fire used by stew gas stove or stew charcoal stove, what kind of fire is the gas stove? Is the fire strong enough? These things are really important because the stew must be strong. To break the drug And the water quickly enters the pork before the pork is overcooked and mushy For the shop, I use a large piece of mangrove charcoal. Let a strong fire create a good boiling point. When buying, tell at the charcoal shop that You can also make noodles. If you go to buy charcoal for grilling, you will end the news The formula and the ratio below under the clip.

The recipe for stewed pork knuckle 8-10, including kaki, use 35-40 liters of water, if less than this, reduce the ratio. And for those who want to cook at home You can cook the ingredients as you like. Anyone who likes to stick to sweet, salty, can be adjusted completely according to the regulations.

Muzzle filter herbs machine

1. Garlic cloves, minced 500 - 600 grams.
2. Galangal 5-6 glasses
3. 3 glasses of ginger
4.1 bunch of pandan leaves
5. 1 tablespoon Chinese leek
6.2 tablespoons of black pepper

Cook the stew

1.2 large handfuls of coriander roots, the more you put, the more fragrant
2. 250 grams shrimp dust (or crushed shrimp powder You can buy it at the old Chinese market such as Yaowarat if you can't find it. You can order and buy through our website. Available now. Still stuck with the problem of shipping costs If you can find it cheaper than this, will adjust the price again)
3. Half a stick of rock sugar
4.1 - 1/2 loos sugar
5. Stewed Powder
6. Owantin 1 hunched hoop (big hole as per clip)
*** 1 large basket is 250 grams ***
7.2 Cinnamon sticks
9 Ground white pepper 1 stick
10. Red cap 3 holes
11. Green cap half bottle
12. One and a half bottles of black peacock soy sauce

Old pickled cabbage recipe

1. Take pickled cabbage, cut into small glasses and boil, iron out salted water for about 1 hour.
2. Pour the water and set aside to stir.
3. Fry the pickled cabbage with pork leg oil. To make the skin beautiful and attractive
4. Cover the lid and bake until the pickles are tender.
5. Season with oyster sauce, seasoning powder and sugar to taste.

For anyone who will bring it to sell according to the recipe of the shop We are not spared. And can use the word credit "Three Sian Pork Legs" or "Three Sian Pork Legs" can only be said Do not make our formula wrong, only.

To open a shop And let us take care of the stew, the amount of firewood, the fire, or adjust the ingredients to match the size of the pot you are using. You can contact us if it is not very far, no expenses at all. I want people to make people eat happily.

P.S. Logo can be copied if you have to inform me first. And I have to have a taste to check the recipe first. To allow it to be used

The 3 Chinese words on the logo are the word Hok Xiu, which is auspicious and matches the recipe name.
Contact us via Line @saiheal or via the page anytime.

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