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GoDeep! ep.1 Bow to His Highness Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak Father of Thai Navy.

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GoDeep! ep.1  Bow to His Highness Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak Father of Thai Navy.

"... found this record, please take the following words of mine to announce to the public that
Khuk Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak The son of Phra Piya the Great
I declare to let you know that This land of Siam The ancestors traded their lives
Who is it? Think daring to destroy the land, destroy the nation, destroy religion, the King
Corruption Causing trouble to the public Stop thinking of doing it quickly.
Before I ordered the soldiers to destroy all the contemporaries to be completely depleted of the land of Siam My beloved
As long as the word Araphakorn Still standing in the world I will save my land of Siam.
Children Which land gave us birth What land gives a place to sleep
Make peace and happiness Not to make anxious Be faithful to that land ... "

Today is December 19, 2019, which corresponds to "Aphakorn remembrance" made the author I would like to record a story for the memory of our "Sadet Tia", the life of the author. Had an opportunity under the umbrella of His Majesty Since the first step that Phranakorn Commercial (Ph.D.) has had the opportunity to tie the wrist as a descendant of His Highness Had the opportunity to study on campus Which is the old palace Had the opportunity to get in touch with Ruen Mo Phon Which is a wooden house that His Highness used to treat Nang Loeng villagers Until the name of the neighborhood called Mo Phon stands for "Krom Luang Chumphon" that when the author stepped over the fence of Wang Son Had the opportunity to serve the nation And will by chance Or whatever From the name that fell in the army Was asked by the navy Is the only one of Phaya Thai District That was reached to the navy The more you have the opportunity to be closer and truly like life under the shadow of Sadet Tia

His Royal Highness, Admiral Chao Borom, your family Arpakorn Kiatwong Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak " This name, many people have not even known. But if asked about us, sailors And Alumni of Phranakorn Commercial Bank His name has continued to be engraved in our hearts.

He is your son. In King Chulalongkorn, Rama V, King 28, in the order of the family The original name is "Phra Aphakorn Kiatwong" was born in the Royal Palace on December 19, 1880. He was the 1st Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. (Thida Chao Phraya Suya Surawong Waiyawat or Worabunnak) has a kanittha And his second mother's brother, Princess Ong Akyupa (Died when he was young) and His Highness Suriyong Prayuraphan

When he was young Receive a preliminary education in the Grand Palace. With Phraya Isaraphunsophon (Phun Isarangkun) is the teacher She studied English with R. Morant, an Englishman and was a student at the Royal School. Suan Kularb Palace

1893 B.E., when he was 13 years old, received a royal favors from his father. Went to study further in England with Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Prince Mahavijarawut (King Rama VI)

Later, she continued her studies at The Seines Tutoring School in Greenwich, southwest London. To prepare for the Royal Thai Naval Academy Study results by the pastoral report (Phra Sadej Surendra Thibhdi) who respectfully said "Knowledge of English naturally improves. But the basic naval technique Ran as fast as it should be But playing strong, such as football, is considered the elite of the school. Almost no one could match up. "

Later, he continued his studies in the British Naval Academy around the year 1950. He exams knowledge base as a naval student (Midshipman) and has been practicing in the warships for about 1-2 years. A master And continued to study in the Naval University, Artillery School And torpedo schools Until he was promoted to a captain

His Highness told him that "When I was a naval officer in the British Royal Navy Had the opportunity to subdue the rebellion at Crete Island The Mediterranean Sea, about 3 months, had to sleep in the middle of the earth, eat in the sand, cold in the battlefield. Having slept with new dead bodies, and sometimes repeatedly starved the snails to eat with onions. The corpse that was shot at the younger brother is very foul. Even if it is a new dead body, "including the period of the Royal Highness Study in the British Royal Navy for about 6 years

Can say that His Highness was the first royal son Who went to study naval subjects abroad Due to the initiative of His Majesty King Chulalongkorn that "Thai Naval Affairs As it was at that time Must rely on a foreigner to command a lot of ships and forts Therefore not fighting to have much stability As can be seen from the events of R.E. 112 (BE 2463), it is a good example, so it can be counted as a proper royal initiative. In sending his son to study naval studies this time "

His Highness returned to Bangkok on 23 June 1900 and was awarded the title of Lieutenant Commander (equivalent to the current Lieutenant Commander). And used his true knowledge and abilities Pleasing to the admiral Borom her family Krom Luang Prajak Silpakom (Commander of the Naval Department) is very much in order of the positions of the following positions
- 23 June 1900 received the rank of Master Boat Master Served in the position "Flag Lieutenant" or the banner of the commander of the Naval Regiment
- May 3, 1901, received the rank of First Admiral (Lieutenant Commander)
- 16 September 2447 was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral Served as Deputy Commander of the Naval Department
- 10 November 1904 was established the title of Krommuen Chumphon Khet Udomsak

King Rama V to ask for the eldest daughter of the younger brother, Princess Dhipaya Samphan To confer the marriage With an auspicious ceremony at the Chakri Throne Hall Give water to Phra Maha Sang, a tea ceremony, and a royal family meeting And have a club night party This is the first time that the wedding ceremony has been held for the bride and groom. Inviting both Thai and Western guests and dance with international customs Including a new palace for At the edge of the Phadung Canal, Krungkasem But it is very tragic After making a marriage a few years later The love of the princess Was not smooth and beautiful As a reason for her mother He had little heart to drink poison until the time of his death later in this time. Extremely saddened Because he was a person who asked for himself It is also the direct patriarchal of the princess. Thus making him have mercy to the great son of the Royal Highness And Ms. Ying Ying very much has been set up as Lord Worawong She Lord Athitthip-arpa His Highness is the granddaughter of love. And receive special mercy

Son order And the daughter of Prince Tia

Birth of the two Princesses Dhipayasamphan
1. Lieutenant-General, Lt.Gen. Worawong her, Prince Athitiparapa
2. Air Chief Marshal Mom Chao Rangsiyakarn Arpakorn

Born to Mom ... As the following names
1. Mrs. Jarupatra Arphakorn
2. Princess Sirima Bang-on (Arpakorn) Reansuwan
3. H.M. Samorn Bam Thoeng Arphakorn
4. Mistress Ruengchit Jaarongarpakorn
5. Colonel Damnairit Arphakorn
6. Admiral Khranchit Arphakorn
7. Rujaya Arpakorn
จำนวนอักขระสูงสุด 5,000 อักขระ ใช้ลูกศรเพื่อแปลเพิ่มเติม

There are still many stories about His Highness Tia. That many people do not yet know
1. A favorite sport for sailing. Training for his wife, son and daughter to play with
2. His Favorite Boxing and Sword Saber Trained until he was second to none
3. His Highness favors fine arts such as painting the Buddha's history at Benjawakdi on the wall of Wat Pak Khlong Makham Tao Church. Wat Sing District Chainat Province
4. His music career Composing many of the naval songs that I still hear until now, such as Ha Bass Anchor suddenly went out of the delta ..., it was born, it was still in distress ..., it was always good, but when it was .. . (It's familiar for a sailor)

Another important role of Sadet Tia Was released from government service on April 14, 2454. His Majesty King Rama VI gave him Out of service For a while Including the time of His Highness He served for the first 11 years. The reason for the release was because of the navy touring Meeting with the army servant, there was a quarrel. His Majesty King Rama VI was not pleased. Ordered Chao Khun Ram Rakhop To speak to the royal family To send a sailor at a quarrel with An army servant to give You will not send it. Told the King that It's a matter of quarrels. In which either side cannot be at fault And he loved the sailors Of yours like children He never sent the child to anyone, he flogged. If going to hit, it will hit itself. The king was angry and said that if you don't send it, you must give it out. Because they could not work together, therefore they had to leave government service at that time In addition, when practicing Tiger Pa There are things that are displeased Is that there are several maneuvers His Majesty also maneuvers many times. It appears that his subordinates went to capture the King And the bodyguard came without knowing that it was His Majesty And came to speak to His Highness That he had captured two opponents, understood that he would be the important person. His Majesty Therefore ordered to let go By letting his subordinates pretend to forget the keys Because if released directly, Rama VI will not please again Will be angry, please in vain Will find that the royal princess feigned losing at that time, there was a rumor that the royal prince thought to rebellion, if successful, he would give Krom Phra Nakhon Sawan Be the king And His Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Will be the Wang Na due to His Highness And Krom Phra Nakhon Sawan Are brothers who love each other very much Because they were comfortable with each other and their mothers were People in the Bunnag family together. A large number of people Therefore believe that it is true Krom Phra Nakhon Sawan was very distressed. Thinking of paying homage to resigning from the government several times But someone begged not to leave Therefore reluctant to refrain from resigning

The birth of "Doctor Porn"

After leaving his service At that moment, he thought that he was very pleased with the profession of doctors. Used to ascend the mountain Going into the forest to collect herbs to make medicine for fever Cure many diseases many times Each time, there will always be "Doctor Pot", a herbal expert who always follows him to give advice.

So he went to see "Phraya Phitsanu Prasatwet", the head of the royal physician, to confide himself as a disciple Not only Phraya Phitsanu Only who conveyed knowledge to him There are also many other medical professors such as the Italian doctor Botoni and the Japanese doctor Mittani.

He has seriously studied and researched Thai textbooks. Even ordered a microscope to be used in research His Highness has a special room called "Science Chemistry Room", which has a machine to extract the drug that he has ordered from abroad Since His Highness is pleased to experiment with extraction of herbal medicines By himself While the work will dress like a foreigner With apron With sons and daughters always helping to present the work as a "doctor of blessing" He also used to make perfumed medicine for sale By using the sun brand to draw the car as a brand

When the Lord Boromwong her first, Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak has been treated The patient who came did not know who he was. Until one day a patient asked the doctor's name. He did not please to reveal the truth. For fear that the general patient or the poor patient will not dare to come to treatment If he knew that he was the prince He replied to the patient that my name was "Dr. Phon" and ordered the patient to call him "Mo Phon" ever since.

In the collection Mor Phon will collect only the Kru Kru camp according to the custom. Never charged for additional maintenance fees And most of those who are healed from him will recover in no time. Thus making the reputation of Dr. Porn It was famous throughout Phra Nakhon at that time.

Dr. Porn is always pleased to go and heal the sick people in different neighborhoods. Some patients are poor. No money to hire a car If he had known, he would go and heal it. He used a small car that was overflowing with King Rama V and gave him the name "Anek Phon" as a vehicle

When he went to inspect patients in Chinese neighborhoods, he often The Chinese people became familiar with and respect the faith. They always supply Chinese snacks such as Chancellor, Sesame Cut Nuts, and they call him "Tia" and this is the source of the name "Sadet Tia" that we are familiar with until today.

Another important role of Sadet Tia is being a disciple of Luang Pu Suk. Pak Khlong Makham Tao Temple

As you know, Dr. Porn has never asked for treatment fees from patients. Will only collect the teacher camp only when the time comes, he will perform the ceremony of worshiping the teacher every year. Which is the most important thing That is, he must invite Luang Pu Sukesro, the high Apinya of Wat Pak Khlong Makham Tao Which is one of the master professors of herbs and occultism Come and join in the ceremony every time.

His meeting with Luang Pu Suk Until he was deposited as a disciple, because of the prestige that had created together in the previous life In the present life When he traveled by boat using a steamboat on the Tha Chin River. While cruising to the front of Wat Pak Khlong Makham Tao The boat crashed. Can't go on Actually That the boat crash was caused by the power of Luang Pu Suk In order to be a ploy to tie Krom Luang Chumphon

When the boat could not go on Must stop in place Luang Pu continued to show his strength by conjuring up the banana head that a temple boy cut into a pile. To become a rabbit jumping in front of the temple Krom Luang Chumphon He saw the events all along. Felt extremely amazed Therefore came ashore to worship Luang Pu immediately pleaded guilty to being a disciple

Story of respect, faith and ties between Krom Luang Chumphon With Reverend Grandfather Suknai There is clear evidence. Oil paintings of His Highness's hands His Highness depicted the image of a grandfather standing full of a cane Is a picture that he wrote when Luang Pu was very old Currently, this painting is still at Wat Pak Khlong Makham Tao.

Back in 1919, he was the commander of the ship. By bringing the Royal Navy from England To Bangkok This is the first time that a Thai navy officer Navigate across continents Most importantly, He is the head of the head that makes His Majesty the important thing. And graciously graciously granted the original palace to the location of the Naval Academy on 20 Nov 2449, making naval affairs there A solid foundation ever since. That day of every year is "Navy Day" from which he He is a strategist Foreseeable His Majesty told the King Ask for the King of land in Sattahip District to build a naval base Because His Highness considered and saw that Sattahip Bay A large bay Deep water is ideal for torpedo-shooting drills, and the surrounding islands are able to maneuver very well in the wind and outside boats when passing through the area. Will not be able to see the military base at all except for him Already a strategist In medicine His Highness studied and researched seriously And went to heal the sicknesses for the people by himself Whether they are Thai or Chinese until the Chinese in Sampeng district Appreciate In his benevolence and he called him "Tia" meaning Father, later the navy called him "Sadeti" for the Thai patients. That he heals is often called the name of him "Mor Phon" Gen. Phra Chao Boromwong her Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak Was sick and died While staying at Sairee Beach Pak Nam Muang Chumphon on May 19, 1923 at 11.40 am, still sadness came to all the navy and people in general.

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