Benefits of eating bananas instead of breakfast ...

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Benefits of eating bananas instead of breakfast ...

One interesting and popular way to lose weight in Japan is eating bananas instead of breakfast. Because bananas are one of the most complete and nutritious fruit. Bananas contain vitamins B1 and B2 that help to speed up metabolism. Sugar and fat It also helps restore the body from tiredness. And contains potassium to help excrete sodium This is one of the reasons that will cause high blood pressure to pass through the urine. And results in reducing the swelling of the body

The magnesium in bananas also helps regulate blood pressure. And the function of calcium in the body The fibers contained in bananas. This will result in the daily excretion of our body. Bananas also contain serotenins that help reduce irritability. And make sleep more comfortable as well

Bananas have many other benefits. Both phytochemicals that help fight free radicals, slow down aging, prevent cancer Contains enzymes to aid digestion Makes the stomach and intestines work harder to reduce In the raw banana also has a high detoxification effect. And if the bananas are ripe It causes the body to make immune substances higher than normal as well.

In the present era as well The morning is the most rushed time. Some people even don't eat breakfast at all. Or choose to eat just coffee and bread So if you try to change the time of the rush Let's eat bananas in the morning, it should be convenient and easy. Plus bananas are a fruit that has a lot of enzymes. Causing when the banana moves into the stomach Digestion is not necessary. Bananas then move through the intestines. And begins to be absorbed quickly into the body

Eating a banana for breakfast can also help make constipation go away. And results in the feces that remain in the body gradually decrease as well. Some people who are overweight. Not just because there is too much fat alone But because there is too much waste accumulated in the body separately (Some people have accumulated feces in the 10 kilograms), so after eating bananas for breakfast, the various waste will begin to be gradually excreted until weight loss.

Eating bananas for breakfast To hope for weight loss results that may not be effective in the beginning, not just a day or two. And will get results immediately But must continue to contact and eat for a while And if you want to lose weight seriously Try writing down everything you eat each day. From waking up early until going to bed Writing will help you understand that What do you eat each day?

Eating bananas that breakfast. It is another option that will help you do not have to be patient, do not waste time. And does not waste money Because during the day you want to eat what you want to do, whatever. (Except the conditions mentioned at the beginning), but if you want to know if it really works or not, try it tomorrow, eat a banana in the morning.

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