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Today I take you to the Samoeng district. Chiang Mai Province Visit the organic stevia plots, Mae Laong Sriwanna, community agriculture, for example using organic farming theory to cultivate stevia until it can add value 6 digits per year.

It is another one of the best selling menus in our shop. Today we will teach you how to do it again. Let's face it, let's do it. How do you like it? It's still not late for sale. For braised cabbage, shiitake mushroom, Chinese medicine. Called It has been sold across the country.

Braised Chicken Noodle that many people consider easy. Will have a unique recipe for each shop Not the same Including how to do it differently Which cannot tell which one is right and which is wrong because food does not set many rules Depending on their specific techniques, today try to learn this recipe that Will suit you or not

Food is the most important when sick. Therefore cook food hygienically In addition to eating delicious, tasty and noir. We can also get well with Thai herbs.

Delicious braised pork knuckle in an original recipe That spreads the scent all over And have a good flavored sauce to tell more

Beet root contains a red substance called betanin, an amino acid. As an aid to inhibit the occurrence of cancer. It can help reduce the growth of tumors. It also makes the blood, wind and circulatory system work better. It also contains a purple substance called anthocyanin, which has antioxidant properties. Reduces carcinogens And help reduce the risk of heart disease and paralysis.

One interesting and popular way to lose weight in Japan is eating bananas instead of breakfast. Because bananas are one of the most complete and nutritious fruit. Bananas contain vitamins B1 and B2 that help to speed up metabolism. Sugar and fat It also helps restore the body from tiredness. And contains potassium to help excrete sodium This is one of the reasons that will cause high blood pressure to pass through the urine. And results in reducing the swelling of the body.


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