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"If looking at the continuing precepts Is like a beautiful path of merit as a pavement or cement. That leads you to the top or a beautiful destination.  Some of the precepts that were healed were lacking, but returned to treatment. Surely like a jigsaw puzzle that, can be pieced together It is like the Mon bricks that we place one by one. But it can be a strong bridge in the future To a beautiful destination as well If, but may reach more slowly It's only that."

The way of life of the ancient Lanna people. Tie with nature and the forest as the location due to the mountainous terrain surrounded by geography, Khelang Nakhon (Lampang), people living near the forest. They rely on forests to seek food, so it is not strange that there are many rangers. In the province of Lampang and those hunters. Will have good things with you to prevent various dangers from the unseen in the forest. That is the source of the discovery of the 24 magic gemstone. There are considered to be the most auspicious of the owner.

"Kaew Pong Kham" is considered a psychic glass according to ancient Lanna texts. Trusted for a long time But it is not as popular as it could be from general collectors. Because there is no understanding of the context of Kaew Pong Kham itself. Today we will share the history of Kaew Pong Kham Lanna at Thoen District, Lampang Province. And the wonder that is waiting for you to experience.

As I have told you about the deities of the Buddha image in part 6, today I will tell you about praying for the sacred things to accomplish as your heart desires. Which many of you may not yet know a good secret like this

Buddha images we worship to remember the Lord Buddha. Did you know, the sacred things that inspire miracles Is the soul that dwells within the Buddha image. Not the Lord Buddha, as many people do not understand. The reason for that is because ...

Today we have the opportunity to be a bridge of merit for close relatives and friends to collect money for make a Pork leg on rice. The rest of the cash, we will bring it to the monks. So I took a clip of the atmosphere of making a dining hall to leave each other.

#Soraphanyana #Worship the jewels Chanting in different ways, in addition to focusing on the chanting to remember the crystal and then Also hidden with the teachings of the Lord Buddha Causing a lot of power when we pray It is a practice of mindfulness and praying regularly. There will be many miracles in which the prayer himself could feel. Ask for the merits of praying and worshiping the jewels And chanting songs be given to every friend, all of you.

Today brought puppies clip and the mischievous squirrel came to leave each other again As said We keep squirrels out of nature. He will have the tame. And what we fear is He will disturb his neighbors too much. Which the neighbors are cute Giving a lot of kindness to the squirrel Let's take a look.

Today my brother wants to go to the kitchen. Want to pound papaya salad and give the recipe to everyone. So I put the recipe for it before watching the clip. As I said above, the papaya salad menu seems to be easy. But can be delicious It must really pound by itself.

Today I take you to the garden and pick vegetables. Also known as Phak Chaiya (Mexican kale), that's it. We use it to stir fry in oyster sauce, you can call it a home menu, but it can also make your mouth watering. Especially the tight benefits of the Chaya vegetables Makes wanting to eat even more ...

Today in Saiheal Garden to see the Chaya vegetables or that Thai people call "Phak Chaiya" If it is in north east area, it is called "Kok Saab", see how to grow and most importantly, we give away free species to people who really need it, can send it to the destination.

When the little dog became very mischievous go down to play some vegetable plots until the seedlings are damaged So we have to make a simple bamboo fence to block the territory. And taught the mischievous dog that If there is a wooden fence like this, do not go to play. It works quite well.

From the experiment of growing different types of horticultural crops, we have become more experienced. And saw the problem of horticulture that grew disorderly This clip is a management to dig and move. And make a new vegetable plot Let's take a look. How much has the look of the garden changed?

When accommodations and restaurants take shape We have started cultivating. From the city to Ban Suan Therefore making a need to experiment Experiment with many things. I would like to follow. In case it is an idea for many people ep. This is quite a way to learn as I said.

When it comes to carriages, must think of Lampang Province. However, many of you still have never been in close contact with a live horse like this at this "Ban Mar Tar Nam". (the horse house) There are coffee for sipping and chilling, plus in-depth history of Khru Bum. (Acting at Captain Supot Jai Ruamkul) who is full of energy in arts and conservatism.

Many people may not know that a secondary city like Lampang. There will be natural sites to visit such as Doi Pha Hob, Mae Moh District, which is not far from the city. You can call it Lampang complete. Let's go see it.

Beliefs that have been with Thai people for a long time. Including the teachers who have created the golden child Classified as another mystery that cannot be proven and is still popular until today. This time, i will solve all the secrets and clues about Kumanthong for everyone to know.

Today I take you to the Samoeng district. Chiang Mai Province Visit the organic stevia plots, Mae Laong Sriwanna, community agriculture, for example using organic farming theory to cultivate stevia until it can add value 6 digits per year.

Originally there were plans to move to Lampang in the years 2022-2023, but when COVID entered Life in which routine work is disrupted Brought myself here ahead of time The joy that comes with heavy debt burden That only people say "Why go to Lampang? Bangkok is easier to find, yeah. "And that's it. It is the whole driving force of working here seriously.

Today I will tell you about the experience of raising two battered characters, the male name Ron. Female name Hermile Raised for over a year now Let's take a look. Who is the experience of?

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