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"If looking at the continuing precepts Is like a beautiful path of merit as a pavement or cement. That leads you to the top or a beautiful destination.  Some of the precepts that were healed were lacking, but returned to treatment. Surely like a jigsaw puzzle that, can be pieced together It is like the Mon bricks that we place one by one. But it can be a strong bridge in the future To a beautiful destination as well If, but may reach more slowly It's only that."

Today we have the opportunity to be a bridge of merit for close relatives and friends to collect money for make a Pork leg on rice. The rest of the cash, we will bring it to the monks. So I took a clip of the atmosphere of making a dining hall to leave each other.

#Soraphanyana #Worship the jewels Chanting in different ways, in addition to focusing on the chanting to remember the crystal and then Also hidden with the teachings of the Lord Buddha Causing a lot of power when we pray It is a practice of mindfulness and praying regularly. There will be many miracles in which the prayer himself could feel. Ask for the merits of praying and worshiping the jewels And chanting songs be given to every friend, all of you.

Have you ever been when we had a heavy problem? We tend to rely on temples. And pray to each other At least for the comfort Or is the impetus for us to continue Or is it a little hope to comfort yourself? But today I will share with you the possibility that you can pray and make a conscious wish for your life. And achieved success

Thai people believe in Naga Raj And want to rely heavily on the heart Especially in this situation of the COVID outbreak, stagnation makes trading more difficult.

Today we will bring everyone up to pay respect to the Buddha's relics at Wat Phra Phutthabat Pu Pha Daeng or Wat Chalerm Phra Kiat Phra Chomklao Rajanusorn. It is a temple that is known to be outstanding in its identity Thawornwatthu Is to bring different shapes and sizes of pagodas Go up to be enshrined on the top of the mountain with a stunning beauty. Let's go see it.

Hello everyone !  Today we will take you to the temple name Wat pa tard doi pa charn.  Is located at Mae ta district, Lampang province.  About 25 kilometers from the city.  Convenient path through Pa Tan village.  Through Pa Tan village up to the top of the Doi Phra Shan at the top of the mountain there is a beautiful viewpoint. Let's go !!!

Phra That Chom Ping ancient, about 500 years ago, since the reign of King Tilokraj Lanna art that deserves to be preserved Inherit stories about Dao Phra That It is said to shine above the relics only on the night of the Great Buddha.

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