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When it comes to carriages, must think of Lampang Province. However, many of you still have never been in close contact with a live horse like this at this "Ban Mar Tar Nam". (the horse house) There are coffee for sipping and chilling, plus in-depth history of Khru Bum. (Acting at Captain Supot Jai Ruamkul) who is full of energy in arts and conservatism.

Many people may not know that a secondary city like Lampang. There will be natural sites to visit such as Doi Pha Hob, Mae Moh District, which is not far from the city. You can call it Lampang complete. Let's go see it.

Press release on the latest COVID situation by Dr. Opas Karnkawinpong Director-General of the department of disease control clarified that on December 17, found a 67 years old woman the owner of a fish raft in the central shrimp market at Samut Sakhon Province. Infected was the first of the 2,000 people undergoing the test for at risk groups. After that, 13 more people were infected with both Thai and foreign workers working in the market.

Beliefs that have been with Thai people for a long time. Including the teachers who have created the golden child Classified as another mystery that cannot be proven and is still popular until today. This time, i will solve all the secrets and clues about Kumanthong for everyone to know.

Guidelines when we are the boss. Something that shouldn't happen, because it will lose the working system, and what might result in the subordinates not respecting? Let's see.

After the coronavirus outbreak in China and spread around the world in the name of COVID-19 causing problems in the care of patients. The world economic system that halt It is the cause of change in the new normal, however, in many countries where people are severely infected, but in our country back still the number of infected people less and can be cured in many cases. Let's take a look at the way of life of Thai people during COVID period. What is Thai way of life.

Today, let's share the idea of entrepreneurs who want to open their own restaurants in case that they will help make more decisions. Because sometimes What you expect If lack of experience It may not be what you think. Especially the food business Requires a combination of expertise Let's consider it.

Today I take you to the Samoeng district. Chiang Mai Province Visit the organic stevia plots, Mae Laong Sriwanna, community agriculture, for example using organic farming theory to cultivate stevia until it can add value 6 digits per year.

Originally there were plans to move to Lampang in the years 2022-2023, but when COVID entered Life in which routine work is disrupted Brought myself here ahead of time The joy that comes with heavy debt burden That only people say "Why go to Lampang? Bangkok is easier to find, yeah. "And that's it. It is the whole driving force of working here seriously.

While the COVID-19 crisis Is spreading all over the world. Which in a stressful state On the other hand, it teaches many people an expensive lesson. Especially me The bad thing it affects the economy. And human living behavior But there are things to comfort myself That's because I want to thank it for something.

Today I will tell you about the experience of raising two battered characters, the male name Ron. Female name Hermile Raised for over a year now Let's take a look. Who is the experience of?

It is another one of the best selling menus in our shop. Today we will teach you how to do it again. Let's face it, let's do it. How do you like it? It's still not late for sale. For braised cabbage, shiitake mushroom, Chinese medicine. Called It has been sold across the country.

Braised Chicken Noodle that many people consider easy. Will have a unique recipe for each shop Not the same Including how to do it differently Which cannot tell which one is right and which is wrong because food does not set many rules Depending on their specific techniques, today try to learn this recipe that Will suit you or not

Today Aunt Kaew The cook of our house in Lampang Will take us to the garden to collect vegetables to make curry. You will find simple ingredients in the garden to mix and make a special curry with Chaiya vegetables or MSG. Let's go see that Come out to look how attractive to eat.

Have you ever been when we had a heavy problem? We tend to rely on temples. And pray to each other At least for the comfort Or is the impetus for us to continue Or is it a little hope to comfort yourself? But today I will share with you the possibility that you can pray and make a conscious wish for your life. And achieved success

Thai people believe in Naga Raj And want to rely heavily on the heart Especially in this situation of the COVID outbreak, stagnation makes trading more difficult.

Today we will bring everyone up to pay respect to the Buddha's relics at Wat Phra Phutthabat Pu Pha Daeng or Wat Chalerm Phra Kiat Phra Chomklao Rajanusorn. It is a temple that is known to be outstanding in its identity Thawornwatthu Is to bring different shapes and sizes of pagodas Go up to be enshrined on the top of the mountain with a stunning beauty. Let's go see it.

Tea culture For a long time Thousands of years and is highly popular among health lovers. About flower tea And 100% organic herbal tea, which is sought after by such consumers Today, EX is sharing the invention of a wood-fired tea oven. And the process of baking butterfly pea flower tea for everyone to see Hopefully this clip will be useful to you who have watched more or less. And apply them to create their own products Whether in the household or in the community.

Bamboo, a versatile plant Many of you may not know that bamboo leaves can be used to make tea for drinking. And also full of many properties We will solve the answer that bamboo leaves when bamboo leaves are made. How are they good for you?

Chae Son National Park It is a tourist attraction in Muang Pan District, Lampang Province to the north of Lampang. It takes about 1 hour and a half from Lampang city. Can be a route connecting to Chiang Mai Province And went up from Chae Son National Park, which is the location of the village of Pa Miang In the valley of the forest Full of miao The sustaining forest of the villagers

2-3 persons Small car (Eco Car) 6,000.- baht 4-5 persons, air-conditioned van 7,800.- baht 6-8 persons air-conditioned van 6,000.- baht 9-10 persons, air-conditioned van, 5,500.- baht

Hello everyone !  Today we will take you to the temple name Wat pa tard doi pa charn.  Is located at Mae ta district, Lampang province.  About 25 kilometers from the city.  Convenient path through Pa Tan village.  Through Pa Tan village up to the top of the Doi Phra Shan at the top of the mountain there is a beautiful viewpoint. Let's go !!!

Lom Phu Khiao is located in Tham Pha Thai National Park. Natural sculpture caused by the collapse of the earth's crust. Or limestone layers Which may have previously been a hollow cave before When the ceiling of the upper cave collapses, it becomes a water receiving point. Call this phenomenon "collapsed hole", scholars estimate that it is more than 280 million years old. Villagers trekking to find a beautiful emerald green water source. So called "Lom Phu Khiao"

Thai people believed in large serpents call Paya Naga. In fact, this belief was come from India. Example the serpent name Phuchong Nakarat around the neck of Mahadev, the bigest deva of Brahmin - Hindu or the serpent name Arnantanakarat was bench of Naraiyana.

If you want to inhale ozone in good, cool weather all year round. At this E-Tong village Probably answer most questions Summer size, the temperature is generally 40+ degrees, but when it reaches the top, it remains only 25-27 degrees.

Sangkhlaburi, a traveler's dream destination See the beauty on both sides of the water Walk across Mon Bridge (Wooden Bridge) in the morning. Cultural offering to monks Take a boat ride to see the underwater temple Pay respect to Bodhgaya Pagoda Follow in the footsteps of Reverend Father Uttama #Tourism during COVID

The first day of the journey, 24 May 2020, go to rest and rest. Even during COVID But still life needs trees, streams and green nature as before. This trip, we will take everyone to travel to Kan in the end of the border area. Starts at the giant Chamchuri tree in the corner of Bailong. And go to bed and rest at Thong Pha Phum market first

It is said that Phra That Chom Ping There will be angels in rotation to heal the relics. And will show a miracle every night on the big Buddha's day with the stars of the relics shining brightly for the villagers of Chom Ping to worship Is auspicious to those who see it

Phra That Chom Ping ancient, about 500 years ago, since the reign of King Tilokraj Lanna art that deserves to be preserved Inherit stories about Dao Phra That It is said to shine above the relics only on the night of the Great Buddha.

Today we have a guide to take you through the big white pomelo orchard in Amphawa to see why the fruit of the root betel at Amphawa is so good and so famous. Or was it caused by salty soil because it is brackish water, as many people think? Let's go and see.

Food is the most important when sick. Therefore cook food hygienically In addition to eating delicious, tasty and noir. We can also get well with Thai herbs.

Delicious braised pork knuckle in an original recipe That spreads the scent all over And have a good flavored sauce to tell more

Today is December 19, 2019, which corresponds to "Aphakorn remembrance" made the author I would like to record a story for the memory of our "Sadet Tia" { Sadet Tia is mean my father }

Stevia is a sweet plant that does not generate calories. With origin from Brazil Which is now widely used in Japan And the United States Later it was grown and distributed in Thailand for more than 20 years.

Beet root contains a red substance called betanin, an amino acid. As an aid to inhibit the occurrence of cancer. It can help reduce the growth of tumors. It also makes the blood, wind and circulatory system work better. It also contains a purple substance called anthocyanin, which has antioxidant properties. Reduces carcinogens And help reduce the risk of heart disease and paralysis.

One interesting and popular way to lose weight in Japan is eating bananas instead of breakfast. Because bananas are one of the most complete and nutritious fruit. Bananas contain vitamins B1 and B2 that help to speed up metabolism. Sugar and fat It also helps restore the body from tiredness. And contains potassium to help excrete sodium This is one of the reasons that will cause high blood pressure to pass through the urine. And results in reducing the swelling of the body.


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