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I'm not good at English But I would like to present my diaries.  Bai Long is my pseudonym, the whole story caused by me to be a tourist And has been accustomed in the tourism industry for 15 years. Therefore, the idea is to spread Thai tourism to the world in the right perspective. Change negative perspectives and attitudes for foreign tourists.  Hope you like this and welcome to Thailand.


When you visit Thailand, you will find good friendships. Sometimes Thai people just can't speak English, but they try to take care of you and I want to spread the beautiful Thai culture to you.  There is little truth that some Thai people want to find benefits from you by taking advantage, if you encounter those behaviors, you can contact me directly. It is important when you meet someone who wants to take advantage of you. You should save images or videos, and contacted me I will try to help you fist. Hopefully the travel information from my diaries, will help you to travel in Thailand happily. Thanks for following me.

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Beliefs that have been with Thai people for a long time. Including the teachers who have created the golden child Classified as another mystery that cannot be proven and is still popular until today. This time, i will solve all the secrets and clues about Kumanthong for everyone to know.

Today Aunt Kaew The cook of our house in Lampang Will take us to the garden to collect vegetables to make curry. You will find simple ingredients in the garden to mix and make a special curry with Chaiya vegetables or MSG. Let's go see that Come out to look how attractive to eat.

Have you ever been when we had a heavy problem? We tend to rely on temples. And pray to each other At least for the comfort Or is the impetus for us to continue Or is it a little hope to comfort yourself? But today I will share with you the possibility that you can pray and make a conscious wish for your life. And achieved success

Thai people believe in Naga Raj And want to rely heavily on the heart Especially in this situation of the COVID outbreak, stagnation makes trading more difficult.

Today we will bring everyone up to pay respect to the Buddha's relics at Wat Phra Phutthabat Pu Pha Daeng or Wat Chalerm Phra Kiat Phra Chomklao Rajanusorn. It is a temple that is known to be outstanding in its identity Thawornwatthu Is to bring different shapes and sizes of pagodas Go up to be enshrined on the top of the mountain with a stunning beauty. Let's go see it.

Chae Son National Park It is a tourist attraction in Muang Pan District, Lampang Province to the north of Lampang. It takes about 1 hour and a half from Lampang city. Can be a route connecting to Chiang Mai Province And went up from Chae Son National Park, which is the location of the village of Pa Miang In the valley of the forest Full of miao The sustaining forest of the villagers

Hello everyone !  Today we will take you to the temple name Wat pa tard doi pa charn.  Is located at Mae ta district, Lampang province.  About 25 kilometers from the city.  Convenient path through Pa Tan village.  Through Pa Tan village up to the top of the Doi Phra Shan at the top of the mountain there is a beautiful viewpoint. Let's go !!!

Lom Phu Khiao is located in Tham Pha Thai National Park. Natural sculpture caused by the collapse of the earth's crust. Or limestone layers Which may have previously been a hollow cave before When the ceiling of the upper cave collapses, it becomes a water receiving point. Call this phenomenon "collapsed hole", scholars estimate that it is more than 280 million years old. Villagers trekking to find a beautiful emerald green water source. So called "Lom Phu Khiao"

Thai people believed in large serpents call Paya Naga. In fact, this belief was come from India. Example the serpent name Phuchong Nakarat around the neck of Mahadev, the bigest deva of Brahmin - Hindu or the serpent name Arnantanakarat was bench of Naraiyana.


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